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April 30th 2009
The downside of long term planning

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First – thanks for all the comments to the previous post – they are truly appreciated. It looks like Oma’s surgery will be next Friday and I will of course post updates here.

Given what’s going on – both with Oma and with the swine flu outbreak (wait, it will make sense in a moment), the following will sound weird… but that’s what happens if you make plans more than six weeks in advance, before you know about sudden changes to your mother’s health and before you know about the first confirmed cases of swine flu in Orange County…

So yes – we just arrived in Orange County for a long weekend with visits to Disneyland, Legoland and of course K2’s family in the area. And we decided that we’ll have fun and ignore all the bad news. Lots of hand washing and sanitizing going on here, but other than that… statistically the swine flu outbreak really isn’t all that scary, yet… at least not in the US.

Since the rest of the D300 club couldn’t make it I only brought the tiny point and shoot camera – but anyway, I’d say there’s a chance there will be pictures tomorrow…

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April 27th 2009
Not again

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I’ve pondered a few days whether to post this – but since I talked about it the first time my Mom was diagnosed with cancer I figured I should… (oh, and I asked her, too).

Two years after very successful surgery for her colon cancer Oma learned last week that she has breast cancer. We still don’t have all the answers, we don’t know whether it has spread (though we hope and are trying to convince ourselves that it hasn’t), we don’t even have a firm surgery date yet. It’s all going so fast and yet so slow. Right now I’m making plans to travel to Germany again in a couple of weeks…

Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. And if you have experience, please feel free to post in the comments – Oma says she would love to hear it.

April 25th 2009
More words of wisdom

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No slowdown here – I know. Feel free to complain. But my daughters are writing the blog for me. Even though I’m not home…

K2 had accidentally given H2 orange juice this morning instead of water. She apologized and brought her a new glass with water in it. H2 said “That’s OK, Mama. Sometimes grown-ups get it wrong.”

You got that right…

April 23rd 2009
Present for Papa

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Shamelessly posting an email K2 sent me today…

Tonight at dinner the girls decided that they wanted to get you a
present. I asked them what they thought you would want. After a little
bit of deliberation they decided "a big, big camera. I think Papa
would like that."

Love my girls. Miss them a lot (I’m in Germany on yet another business trip)

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