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May 28th 2009

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Just got off the phone with Oma. She doesn’t have all the details yet (she’ll be speaking to the doctor in person tomorrow), but the results of the final test are back and the results indicate that there are no free cancer cells and therefore NO CHEMO THERAPY.

You can imagine the happiness and celebrations going on here. This is wonderful news – thanks to all of you for the good thoughts, prayers and supportive emails and comments.

There still is more treatment ahead for Oma (radiation and ongoing drug treatment afterwards), but nothing as drastic or painful as chemo therapy.

And of course there is the implicit real good news that there are no more cancer cells in her body.

Thank God.

May 26th 2009
Bunk beds update

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H2 (on top) and S2 in their new bunk bedResponding to all the requests, here’s an update on the bunk bed story.

First off, the girls loved it. Very excited. Happy to go to bed (S2 by now has decided that her “cave” is as cool as H2’s “tunnel” on top). Talking about it all the time, this morning on their way to school, this evening before bed time.

But most importantly, they slept well! No wake-ups, no problems. They slept till about six and stayed in their room till 6:15!


And when I went into their room in the morning, they were excited and happy and kept telling me how much fun the new bed was.


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May 25th 2009
Bunk beds

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I’m back home – and on my first full day back we decided to go for a rather massive change… we got the girls bunk beds!

We went to IKEA, picked the bed, had a meat ball lunch, brought the bed home and then spent something like two hours assembling it. Everyone was super-excited. So excited, in fact, that I didn’t even take pictures. Can you believe it? So I’ll have to point you to IKEA’s website. Technically speaking, Kura isn’t a bunk bed. It’s considered a reversible bed that can be used as a regular bed or as a high bed with a play area below. But instead of the play area we simply put a second mattress on the floor et voilà – we have a bunk bed! With the additional advantage, that the upper bed isn’t that high above the floor.

Since S2 still occasionally rolls out of bed we decided to put H2 in the upper bed – which caused a lot of sadness in S2. We compensated by making the lower bed a cave by hanging a sheet from the side of the upper bed. Now it’s just past bed time and I’m anxiously waiting if and how well this will work. Bed time was very easy – the girls were thrilled to go to sleep in their new beds. And we stacked the deck with a no-nap day followed by a nice dinner at Sweet Tomatoes (a new favorite) and then a bath.

We talked about the fact that there are two mattresses on the floor and that H2 of course can lay down on the second mattress if she decides she doesn’t want to be “upstairs” after all. Keeping the fingers crossed that the excitement converts to a night with lots of sleep instead.

May 23rd 2009
Welcome Bolle Bigfoot Bärlibär

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look at that FACEMy sister’s family has a new member. Bolle Bigfoot Bärlibär. An American Akita. He’s 12 weeks old and already weighs 29 pounds. And based on the size of his feet my guess is he’ll grow to the size of a medium sheep.

His majesty, Bolle Bigfoot BärlibärBut he’s super cute and seems to have a very calm and relaxed personality.

Welcome to the family!

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