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June 30th 2009
Fatty dog

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Valerie is no longer fat (oops, I mean overweight, err, I mean husky) – but today she became a fatty dog. Somehow she managed to get into the grease trap under the barbecue – and her head is covered in grease. It’s so bad, K2 was not able to wash it out. So poor Valerie has been crated until we can get her to a professional dog wash.

June 29th 2009
Yay, I’ve got a camera again

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My new point and shoot arrived today. Well, it’s not exactly new – it’s factory refurbished; believe it or not, even though Canon introduced the SD880is only 8 months ago (October 2008), it has already been discontinued. So get yours now!

SD880is frontSD880is back with the HUGE display

As you can see in the picture, it has a huge display (and no optical view finder). I really like the way it works, it’s easy to use and creates really nice pictures with surprisingly low noise for a point and shoot. It has a few improvements over its predecessor (the SD870is that I broke last week), but mostly it’s a perfect replacement.


Here are two sample pictures – ignore the fact that the girls don’t look overly excited (I distracted them from watching Mama cook), look at the picture quality, please. Not bad for a point and shoot. Not bad at all.

June 29th 2009
I’m wondering the same, honey

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This morning I walked the girls to school. A teenage boy passed us. S2 said (in usual kids volume)

“Papa, why that boy have pants hang out?”

Couldn’t begin to tell you, honey…

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June 28th 2009
No sliding, just slipping

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I’m finally back home – the trip back took forever; United has cut so many domestic flights that the connections are getting really annoyingly bad. drawing a present for Mama and PapaIf it wasn’t for all the free upgrades I’d be tempted to fly someone else – but it’s hard to fly with “no status” once you’ve been spoiled for so long.

When I came home the girls were super excited. They were talking non-stop. Telling me about all the things they had done. For example playing on the “Slip and Slide” in the back yard. Except, as S2 put it, there was “no sliding, just slipping”. Well said.

In the picture here you are seeing them working on yet another letter for us. Look at H2’s face – this is serious business!

A little later they asked me to put on some German music. H2 and S2 dancing balletS2 and H2 doing the balletWe have some children’s songs performed by German children’s choirs – and the girls danced to them.

I tried really hard to pick just the absolute must see best pictures that I took, but it still turned out to be a few…They went from amazing ballet moves (clearly from their dance class) to hopping and running to rather intricate moves they did together. All while clearly having loads of fun.

Then, towards the end, they tried a bit too much with a complicated turn-lift-twist move… and went down. Oops.

H2 is floating in the airS2 dancingH2 and S2 dancing togetherthe moves are getting more complicatedS2 and H2 show their energyhaving funsome timesthingsgo wrong

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