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July 31st 2009
A sweater?

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Ok, I’ll admit it. I don’t always understand my children. And I have a hunch that I will be saying this a lot the next 10-15 years.

This morning the heat wave finally broke – it’s really pleasant outside in the 60s. I ran at 5am this morning and it was gorgeous – returning just as the sun got up.

We are sitting at breakfast and H2 and S2 both started to complain that they were cold. And then they got up and got themselves long sleeved hooded sweaters. I love you, kiddies, but that’s crazy.

July 29th 2009
Beginners’ mistake

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Ok, if this is a beginners’ mistake, why did I just make it the fourth time?

It goes like this. Child (1-5 year old appears to work) tells you she isn’t hungry and doesn’t want dinner. But wants desert.

You tell child she has to eat some dinner. Maybe are silly enough to feed her.

You give child desert (ice cream works extremely well).

Child eats desert.

Child doesn’t feel well and asks to be picked up.

You pick up child and comfort her.

Child throws up all over you (this time in the ice cream store).


S2 seems to be fine – after a shower, so am I. The jury is still out on my shirt.

July 29th 2009
Great deal on fast 8GB Compact Flash card

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How’s that for sounding like a marketing dude. But seriously, I stumbled across this and wanted to share. Only valid till Friday, though.

Lexar 8GB 300x Compact Flash card, about the fastest and most reliable out there. With a $65 rebate which brings the price to something like $50 incl. shipping. If you have a camera that uses Compact Flash (most DSLR and some older point and shoot) take a look. Might be worth it.

July 29th 2009
A letter from S2

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A letter from S2This morning the girls hid downstairs in their play room. After a while, S2 came to me and brought a folded piece of paper.

S2: “Papa, I got letter fo you!”

And then she proceeded to read the letter – with her finger tracking along with the words on the paper:

Dear Mama and Papa.
Mama and Papa married.
H2 and S2 married some day, too.
We love butterflies.

Pretty awesome…

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