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July 28th 2009

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The girls have been going to an art class for a while where they are playing with clay. When talking about this class it is important to note that it clearly ends with an exclamation mark – it’s always spoken as a shout in our house…

H2's bird and S2's nestThey’ve been making art for weeks now and a few weeks ago they got to pick a few pieces to color and fire. Well, my guess is that the teacher did the firing, but I’m not 100% sure of that…

H2's bird and S2's nestToday they brought home some of their art and I was quite impressed. I took my two favorite pieces and took a few pictures – H2’s bird in S2’s nest. I guess I need to admit that S2 initially called this a “bowl” and only after I suggested that it might be the nest for the bird did she agree that it was a nest. But I think that’s “mentoring” at best and not cheating…

I think their pieces are beautiful.

July 27th 2009
The heat

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The girls declined to play outside today. That’s a rare thing to happen. They were actually asking to go play outside. Instead of arguing with them, K2 told them to visit the yard and come back and tell us what they’d like to do. The vote was swift and unanimous. Play inside!

The temperature once again topped 100F and even for people who like warm weather (like K2) it was no longer pleasant outside. Just simply hot.

Thankfully the girls are creative when it comes to playing these days. They hid under our blankets (what? are you cold?). They played hide and seek. They asked me to read books for them. They drew pictures. They helped Mama make home made pasta again (K2 started making her own pasta just recently – outstanding… much better than store bought – but I digress). H2 and S2 clearly were happy with all their options. And every once in a while we’d get a few minutes of LOUD piano playing. Fun.

Then they picked two shirts of mine and decided to make them their dress-up clothes. And at bed time insisted on wearing them as night gowns. Whatever works for you, kiddies – certainly would be too hot for me. Oh, and did I mention that they decided to swap comforters with us and now have rather warm comforters plus the huge shirts? Crazy.

I’m sitting downstairs, enjoying a cold beer and praising my decision to make air conditioning a “must have” requirement when house hunting a few years ago. It’s nice to be in a chilly 78F house right now.

The weather forecast for tomorrow and Wednesday? More of the same.

July 26th 2009
Their first piano

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The girls had a playdate today. Their friend had a really groovy “doctor” set. So K2 wanted to get one for the girls as well since they love playing “doctor” right now. H2 and S2 didn’t want to go to the toy store without Papa (smart kids) and so K2 picked me up and we went as a family.

We did find the “doctor” set. And I happened to see a wooden toy piano. I immediately fell in love – had to have it. K2 tried to appeal to my common sense (“I hope you will still like it when the girls are LOUD“) but it was too late. I was sold. So the girls got their Melissa & Doug Piano.

S2 playing with H2 reading the scoreS2 and H2 playing piano

The girls love it. Love it. The highlight was when one of them would play the harmonica and the other was on the piano – taking turns. I didn’t manage to get a picture of that, though.

We’ll see for how long I will think that this was a good idea. Right now I’m happy as the girls are more than happy.

July 25th 2009
Family Reunion

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S2 and H2 out cold in the carFamily reunions aren’t something I’m familiar with from my childhood. For one thing, we didn’t have a big family. But in general, this idea of getting everyone together every summer just doesn’t really exist in Germany (I think).

K2’s family has a “cousins’ picnic” every summer – since 1964. And this is the second time that we were in town and able to join it. On the way there (not to far from here, maybe a 40 minute drive) the girls were out cold – it felt cruel to wake them up…

S2 K2 H2We talked to many of K2’s cousins, aunts and uncles and had a great time. Good food, good company. The girls and I tried our best not to be flustered by the fact that there were 40 people that we basically didn’t know – and I’m not sure I was encouraged when K2 told me that she didn’t know half of them by name, either. So there was a lot of “Hi, I’m K2, I’m such-and-such’s daughter…” going on, with a similar explanation from the other person to follow. But as I said, it was fun.

Cousin Bob was hosting the event at his farm and I used the wide expanse to take one of the “my girls” pictures that I like so much. But there were more perks of being on a farm… since it was above 100F one of the highlights of the party was the trip to the creek that runs through his property.

H2 and S2 are exploring the creek from the shorethrowing rocks is fun

At first the girls were non-committal. They looked at the rocks, looked into the water, K2 showed them to throw rocks into the water.

Wait, you did see this when you looked at the previous picture, right? The rocks, I mean. The two rocks flying through the air, almost touching, that I caught in that picture… Look again:

H2 and S2 are throwing rocksYeah, those two. Ok, I’ll admit. I’m rather proud of this picture. And yes, I did bring my big camera to the picnic. Still, this is of course mostly a lucky shot… and for the cynics and skeptics among my readers – no, this is not photoshopped. I can show you the untouched NEF file…

But soon after this they decided that in the water would be much more fun and they carefully walked into the creek. Only to very quickly get a little wet. And then a little more, and more. We told them it was ok, it was brutally hot and we did have towels and an extra set of dry clothing in the car.

a little weta little wetter

H2 in the waterS2 in the waterAnd soon all we could do was make sure that their glasses didn’t get lost or broken and that they didn’t drink the creek water.

They were having fun.

The water was rather cold but the girls played in it for a long time. More than an hour, I think. Getting in deeper, getting out again, playing “Mama and baby”, throwing rocks, singing songs. They were pretty awesome.

exploring the creeklooking at birdsplaying aroundsingingand dancingin the water

We had a great time – but we couldn’t stay the whole afternoon at this evening had another event that was planned. Mama and Papa playdate. And the last time for the girls with Natalie, their favorite teacher / baby sitter. Natalie is moving to China for two years to teach at an international school there and will be leaving the US in two weeks – so today was likely the last time she was able to babysit.

We’re thrilled for her – and heartbroken.

All the best, Natawee!

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