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July 24th 2009
Time out

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When I came home from the trip, K2 was in the kitchen, the door to the living room was closed, the girls were in the living room.

K2 looked at me, sighed, and said: “Mama has a time out”.

Apparently the girls drove her to the point where she felt she needed a break. They were very understanding.

I think everyone was happy that I’m home. Including me.

July 23rd 2009
She did what?

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Ok, the girls are surprising me constantly with the things they do. So I shouldn’t be surprised. But when I got a message from K2 telling me that H2 wanted to call me on the phone because she “misses her Daddy” I must admit I was floored.

Breaks my heart, yet makes me want to cry in happiness.

So I bolted out of the meeting I was in and called home. H2 told me what she wanted to tell me (“I miss you Papa – when do you come nach Hause?”) and then matter of factly handed the phone to her sister…

I’ll be home tomorrow – and I can’t wait.

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July 22nd 2009
25 years

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Vati in 1975Today a very sad day has its 25th anniversary. 25 years ago today my father passed away.

I cannot believe how much he’s missed – and I sometimes wonder what he’d think about the things that happened and the decisions I’ve made.

After all these years, I still miss you, Vati.

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July 21st 2009
Psst – don’t tell the girls I visited the Salsa family

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Ree and Ro playing Crazy EightsIf H2 and S2 knew what I did today they might give K2 a very hard time. So let’s not tell them…

I’m on my next business trip – this time to the Bay Area. And of course I used the opportunity to get together with the Salsa family. TubDad was kind enough to pick me up at my hotel and drop me off afterwards (extra credits!!!) – we went to dinner together and then played at Casa Salsa. It was fun.

Ro and Ree showed me how to play Crazy Eights (in the picture on the right neither M3 nor I are visible but it was the four of us playing together). Way cool.

TubaDad and RoM3 and Ree

It’s been a few months since I’ve seen Ro and Ree and they have grown so much. Physically but especially in their language skills. Amazing.

They also give big girl hugs now (“squeeeeeeeze”). Very impressive.

I’ll be back in three weeks, then with the whole family. Can’t wait.

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