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August 31st 2009
Identical and yet so different

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Many languages describe twins as “from one egg” or “from two eggs” (“eineiig” and “zweieiig” in German) – the same as the more scientific terms “monozygotic” and “dizygotic” (tons of details at the Wikipedia Twin page). Oddly enough, in English the common terms are “identical” or “fraternal”. And as a parent of monozygotic (identical) twins let me tell you… there’s nothing identical about these two.

Case in point – see yesterday’s post about their clothing preferences; to which I should add that H2 talked her mom today into buying her yet another pair of soft black pants today… this one with sparkles. But the differences go much further than that – most everything about them is different: likes, dislikes, speech patterns, the way they move, the way they approach new situations or people, everything.

One thing that’s really pronounced is their approach to most any task – even the most mundane ones like bed time routine. S2 is almost always “full steam ahead”. Full of energy, eager to get done with whatever she’s doing to get ready for the next thing. H2 on the other hand is much more deliberate; she stops and thinks about what she’s doing. Seriously. When she’s sitting on the potty and you ask “are you done?” she’ll say “hmmmmmm” and think about it and then give you her carefully considered answer. With the side effect that almost everything takes longer. Which brings me back to the bed time routine. I’m considering starting bedtime with H2 five minutes earlier than with S2 so that H2 finally gets a chance again to pick the first book (as that’s the next step after they are done in the bathroom – and S2 is done first 100 out of 100 times). It just seems so unfair to always nag on H2 to get done while S2 is already in their bedroom, having the first choice which book she wants.

Another side effect of that more deliberate approach is that when you ask the two of them to make a choice, S2 usually blurts out her preferences and then H2 has to fight to get her opinion heard – it seems that as a parent we often tend to go with the first answer we get. I’ve noticed several times in the past couple of weeks where we ask the girls things like “what would you like to do?” or “where would you like to go?” and H2’s answer being ignored or only considered once I realized what I was doing.

Just to avoid misunderstandings – H2 isn’t “slow” in the sense that she wasn’t as capable as her sister. She just is much more deliberate and careful then her sister – and, as K2 keeps reminding me – she still sometimes struggles with finding the right words (which is why she is still in speech therapy while her sister isn’t).

So please don’t be offended if you talk to me and call the twins “identical”, only to be corrected by me. They are not “identical”. Trust me.

August 30th 2009
I know my sister…

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This morning K2 asked the girls to each pick clothes for her sister.

S2 went with me to their room.

H2 like pants. Black pants. And shirt.

We came back to H2 and she was thrilled. Now it was her turn.

S2 like dress. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm THIS dress.

Sadly, when we returned that turned out not to be her favorite. But she lived.

No pictures – too much going on this morning as I went on a long run and had just come back from that and gone straight to bathing the girls (who somehow decided that only Papa could do that).

August 29th 2009
It can’t be fall already

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fall fashionWhile it clearly is summer on the calendar, we had the first glimpse of fall today – clouds, a bit of rain, not all that warm anymore until late in the afternoon when the sun came out. How fitting to try on the first set of fall clothing! And while the girls aren’t always thrilled to have me take pictures of them, this morning S2’s immediate response to getting to try the new tights and dress was “Papa, want to take picture of me?”. And H2 quickly followed.

So here they are, showing off the first of fall fashion.

The day went well – weather or not. We did some shopping in the morning, the girls had a party to go to in the afternoon and I took them to a playground afterwards. K2 came back from a class she took on making a duct tape double in the afternoon and all of us went to the girls’ favorite dinner destination, the Raccoon Lodge. Now the girls are asleep – hopefully for longer than last night (they got up at 5:11am this morning).

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August 28th 2009
A different kind of adventure

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it's a little tight hereLookie, lookie: the girls in my car! Ok, it’s a bit tight in there. A LOT tighter than in Mama’s “big red car” (with apologies to the Wiggles). Especially since I am rather tall and therefore need to push my seat back rather far.

But the girls love riding in my car. I guess mostly because it’s new (riding in it, not the car – that’s old). We got the new booster seats a weak ago. And the girls are thrilled whenever I suggest we take my car instead of Mama’s.

So today (with school closed for some reason or another) I took the girls on a manly adventure trip. A ride to Fry’s. For those who don’t know what Fry’s is – it’s the dream of everything high tech. A ginormous store (actually, chain of stores) filled with computers, TVs, audio, video and everything even remotely related.

celebrating a successful Fry's visitI’ve always loved to shop there, even before I move to the US and just came to visit. Awesome stores. So many things you never knew you might want….

So today I took the girls to give them a taste of the excitement. And they liked it. A lot. Tons of things to play with (touching is allowed). Long aisles to run around in. Enough space around the store to run and play and yell after the shopping. Perfect.

Oh, and I bought another computer and monitor so that I can use my flight simulator in a dual-monitor setup…

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