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September 30th 2009

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check out these slippersand they blink, too!

The girls are so excited about their new slippers. They insisted on having them in their beds with them.

The new pyjamas were cool, too. But the blinking shark slippers. They were the absolute hit.

But the girls aren’t only excited about things for themselves. On the way back from swimming K2 stopped at the running store and got new running shoes for me. And H2 was super excited to bring them to me. Very sweet…

By the time they came home the girls were very hungry. And very tired. So tired that H2 tried to go to sleep on the floor of the shower at the swimming pool. So instead of making dinner at home we went and had “mac and cheese outside” (as the girls call going to a restaurant). A round of Kids of Carcassone afterwards and then the girls were ready for bedtime.

Life here is going well – the girls are growing up so fast. They tend to be polite (S2 today said to our waitress “Excuse me, could I have a box, please?”) and can really communicate their feelings and desires. And they do so. A lot.

It’s fun, but it’s often hard to get a word in. My mom will be laughing silly when she reads that – it’s how she felt for the 20+ years of raising her children (I happen to know).

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September 29th 2009

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MermaidsFor quite a while now (actually, since we came back from the Salsa Family) the girls have been in love with Disney’s Little Mermaid. Not the movie, mind you, just the music. Remember H2 performing the Mermaid song?

No wonder that they like to be Mermaids themselves. And so they decided that last summer’s “bikinis” are actually their dress-up Mermaid outfits. Oh, and their Mermaid pyjamas at the same time.

The problem with that? Fall has started and it’s not warm any more. Not at all. And so they get cold running around in those outfits. And I’m afraid they’ll get cold when they sleep in them. So today at bedtime we compromised. They are wearing their Mermaid outfits, but each has her warm pyjamas laying next to her pillow, just in case they get cold. I’m curious to see if they put on the pyjamas at some point tonight. We’ll find out tomorrow morning, I guess.

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September 27th 2009
Oregon Flock and Fiber

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petting a bunnyJust like last year we once again went to the Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival. But contrary to last year, the girls loved the animals. So much so that this was actually the second day they were there – K2 already took them yesterday.

look S2, that is how you do itThey still didn’t like it when the sheep were loud, but everything else they were cool with. It took H2 a few minutes to warm up to the idea of petting all the different animals (S2 as usual was much braver and went right to it), but once H2 got over her first concerns there was no holding back. And she was actually the one who did a better job at remembering to pet the side and middle of the animals, not the head.

hey, sheep, I am talking to you!After the bunnies, the alpacas, the sheep and the goats we finally dragged them out of the animal area into the sun – it was fairly cold this morning; when I went running for the first time this season I took gloves!

We had lunch (sheep not only make good wool, they also make good eats) and then the girls and I played while K2 did some shopping. We ran into a friend of ours who recognized H2 and S2 when they were standing somewhere on a few steps and were singing and dancing – I watched the show from a distance.

Then, a little later, another goat came out of the animal area into the open area where we were and the girls asked if they could take a look.H2 and S2 as part of the band When I gave my permission they went over, asked the handler if it was ok to pet the goat and then started talking to her. And from that started a fifteen minute conversation between (mostly) S2 and H2 and the handler. In the course of which the girls got to feed the goat tomatoes, were shown how to comb the goat and who knows what else. I just watched from the distance in amazement. They are so big.

When K2 re-emerged I went of on my own (and bought some Can’t tell, sorryXyXhdyXYSSS@$ – sorry, can’t say, K2 is reading this) and when I came back the girls had become part of the entertainment. A woman was singing songs for the crowd and the girls (and a few other kids) had joined her as her rhythm section. Awesome.

What a great day…

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September 26th 2009
Bridges and patterns

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St. Johns BridgeAs I mentioned, I did another photo workshop with Peter Schütte – this one called Portland Bridges and Patterns. As usual, it was amazing. I learned a lot. And I took a few good pictures, too.

I haven’t had time to really do a good job post-processing (and even selecting) these, but wanted to get up a post to show you what I did today.

great lamp at the St Johns Bridgea view acrossSt Johns Bridge detailpatterns on the Steel Bridgepatterns on the Steel Bridgepatterns on the Steel Bridge/><img xenlarge=

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