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October 31st 2009

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It’s that time of the year again. Children in sugar coma, dentists planning for their new vacation home, everyone is happy and excited… the girls already went trick-or-treat-ing in the village (the stores invite families to come by in the afternoon – a really cool tradition) and now they went out to walk around the neighborhood.

I’m still feeling crummy (no fever, yet – YAY!) so I stayed home to answer the door. Cute cute babies (dressed as puppies and pumpkins, among other things), cute little kids (more puppies, transformers, ghosts, princesses, dragons and the likes), a few scary kids (some people have awesome-scary costumes) and a few that really are a bit too old to go hunting for free candy…

There was a great piece on NPR this afternoon where they asked kids about Halloween… the summary is a) no one is really scared and b) it’s all about the candy. But still – it’s fun.

Before the girls left I took a few pictures to capture their costumes. S2 is Spot, the puppy, H2 is the tiger (and she says ROAAARRRR). Note the cool white pumpkins that the girls picked! And the Spiderman baskets (who would have thought – no Hello Kitty this year).

tigers and puppies can be best friendstiger and puppy posing in front of the house

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October 31st 2009
Saturday fashion

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fashion modelsThe girls often pick their own clothes – I should say, they usually pick their own clothes. Sometimes they need a little help. For example this morning, when S2 wanted to wear the black “dress”. And so obviously wanted tights with that. Except that the dress is barely a tunic these days, more like a slightly longer sweater. So I helped her pick the jeans instead. But the rest of the look is theirs…

H2 and S2 are very excited that it’s Halloween today – thankfully we didn’t have to argue about getting dressed in regular clothes for now. They go to German School this morning and somehow it seemed obvious to them that they shouldn’t be wearing costumes for that. Smart girls.

In unrelated news, given all the bad news yesterday I shouldn’t be surprised that today brought more reasons for worry. I am showing symptoms of a cold – and of course right now that makes me immediately worry about H1N1 flu. I got a regular flu shot a few weeks ago, but so far there isn’t enough H1N1 vaccine here in Oregon for regular adults to get it. The girls got one dose three weeks ago and need another refresh next week. So I’m worried about getting sick myself (worried enough that I’m skipping my long run today). And am worried about getting my family sick.

Much as I don’t want to travel next week – being here with the flu would definitely be significantly worse.

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October 30th 2009
I am NOT happy

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I like my job. I really do. I get to work with amazing people on a really interesting topic. And we get to change the world – at least a little bit.

I usually don’t even mind the travel, but this time I am… pissed. There’s a super important meeting next week in Europe. I really have to be there. It can’t be rescheduled. And it requires me to leave home at 5am on the girls’ fifth birthday. I’ll be back in time for the party, but I won’t be here for their actual birthday.

Not. Happy. At. All.

And that’s an understatement. But I want to keep the language in this blog G-rated.

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October 30th 2009
Oh no – poor Reggie

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Once again we went to the emergency veterinary with Reggie today. Once again an orthopedic issue. The last few times it was his lower back – this time it seems to be more his back left knee. K2 and the girls spent more than two hours at the veterinary with him – he doesn’t appear to have any neurological issue, but he’s definitely not fine.

The treatment for now is pain medication and crate rest (so we need to carry him up and down the stairs and outside when he needs to “go potty”). We’ll see how that goes. K2 and I are rather worried about him…

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