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November 30th 2009
Break my heart

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Yesterday I left for yet another business trip – this time to London. I was connecting in Minneapolis, waiting for a delayed flight to Heathrow when my phone rang. It was H2 (K2 helped dialing, I think)

H2: Papa? … long break…
Papa, I want family. All of us. Together. … long break …
Can you snuggle me?

My heart broke. Right there.

November 28th 2009
A little piece of Germany

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I understand that for most people the strongest memories and connections to their childhood are smells and tastes. That’s certainly true for me. And one of the tastes and smells closets connected to Christmas is actually Christstollen.

My mother used to bake several Stollen about a month (or two? definitely a long time) before Christmas and then age them in the cool attic – wrapped in plastic garbage bags. Sounds odd? I don’t care. They were delicious.

So yesterday for snack I took the girls to a German store close by and had them try Christstollen. And they liked it. A lot. So today we bought some – not home baked and aged, but good quality commercial Stollen. Can’t have everything. But what we got was good. Not perfect, but good.

The next little piece of edible German culture will come next Sunday when we’ll celebrate St. Nikolaus. I talked to the girls about this tradition already – they were confused about why someone would put chocolates in a boot, but my guess is they’ll go along with it.

In the meantime I’m getting ready for another trip; I’ll leave for London tomorrow.

November 27th 2009
Black Friday

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Today is a famous shopping holiday in the US. So of course, we stayed as far away from shopping outlets as possible. For K2 that wasn’t entirely voluntarily – she’s still not feeling well and I made her stay in bed today (this is harder than you might think – K2 is not good at being sick). The girls and I took a looong walk through the neighborhood, played at home, went to a playground, went and ran some (non-shopping) errands and overall tried to just spend time and have fun. It was a nice, really nice day. We ended it with a somewhat non-traditional Thai take-out dinner at home, which somehow felt like a perfect conclusion for this day.

I am happy to report that K2 appears to feel better (or is so tired of being forced to rest that she pretends to be better – no way for me to know). So I had some time to process the pictures I took yesterday (plus a bonus picture from this morning).

We start with our hosts. Well, two of them – Angela was so efficient in working and being the host that I didn’t manage to get a good picture of her. Oops.

proud father and daughterIsn't she cute

Then the obligatory cute pictures of H2 and S2 – with the last one being from this morning where they decided to play babies in their cribs (very likely inspired by Sofia and her crib yesterday). Given that they of course no longer have cribs, we had to improvise a little.

watch those five braids in H2's haircutiepiesH2 loves to hold Sofia - K2 is spotting, just in casein their cribs

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November 26th 2009
Happy Thanksgiving!

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Today is Thanksgiving. I won’t get into the political, cultural and historic issues around this holiday – so many other bloggers love talking about all the things that are “wrong” with Thanksgiving. I tend to take most holidays with a grain of salt – there’s something “wrong” with each and every one of them. What holidays should be is a chance to focus on the family – and that certainly gets lost a lot.

Since we don’t really have a lot of “close family” in reasonable distance, we always wonder what to do on Thanksgiving. Today we were incredibly lucky. Our wonderful friends Angela, Marcelo (and baby Sofia) invited us to join their multi-generational family Thanksgiving. One Great-Grandfather, three of his four daughters, six of his eight grandchildren and one of his two great-grandchildren. And the Family-D. It was amazing.

H2 and S2 were on their best behavior, they behaved perfectly at the table (and ate well, trying lots of new foods). Those foods, by-the-way, were delicious – it was hard not to overeat. And then there was home-made ice cream and Grandma Joan’s pecan pie. Yum.

The girls were so excited and happy – and so tired afterwards. I did bedtime (since K2 isn’t feeling well – she seems to have a cold) and H2 fell asleep in the middle of the third book and S2 while I was reading the last page.

I’m going to take care of my sick wife now – pictures will follow tomorrow.

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