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December 31st 2009
That’s it

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… at least for this year.

The girls are at this year’s final “parents night out” – and they’ve been super-excited about that for at least a week. A chance to have pizza, popcorn and not one but TWO movies. What more could they ask for. We did opt for “picking them up at 10pm”… the New Year edition of “parents night out” also had the options to pick them up at 1am or at 9am tomorrow morning… but we didn’t want to go that far (it is, however, a pretty cool service the preschool provides!).

K2 and I are just about to leave for a nice dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, then we’ll pick up the girls, do a super-quick bedtime and then… drum roll… we’ll go to bed as well.

I think last year (with my sister and family visiting) was the first time we stayed up till midnight. Sleep deprivation just isn’t that appealing. And the new year will start whether we’re awake for it or not (and in Germany the new year has started hours ago, anyway).

Happy New Year!

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December 30th 2009
Pajamas are popular around here

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For some reason the girls have decided that they like to be in pajamas when they are at home. It’s certainly not something that they see us do – but still, they frequently ask to get out of their regular clothes and put on pajamas instead. We tend to let them do that, so it’s not unusual to see them run around the house like this in the middle of the afternoon.

Since a few people (you know who you are) have complained about a dearth of pictures on this blog (Ha!), I figured I’d add a few to the mix – random shots, taken this afternoon.

singing on the stairsgoofing around

holding handsdancing with baby panda


It seems worth noting that they have started to ask me to take pictures again – for a while they didn’t like to have the camera around all the time. I guess they have noticed as well that I’m taking fewer pictures of them…

Oh and I just love how they dance with baby panda… and seconds after this picture the poor little stuffy was jettisoned across the room.

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December 29th 2009
K2 lost it

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… or more precisely, she lost a child.

I was still on my computer when she went upstairs to go to bed. She came back downstairs a minute later saying “this just scared the cr** out of me! H2 isn’t in her room”. To which I said something mature and constructive like “you’ve got to be kidding!” or “excuse me?” or something like that. The proper response would have been “WTF!?!” – but this blog is G-rated.

Turns out H2 climbed down from her bed (remember, she has the top bunk), walked over to our bedroom and got into K2’s bed. She even brought her glasses, just in case.

Admittedly – we knew she couldn’t have gotten out of the house. But this still rattled K2. It doesn’t happen often that you lose one of your children…

Oh yeah, H2 woke up, was transported back into her room, decided to not want the upper bunk bed but the mattress next to her sister and is sound asleep again.

K2 and I, we’re still awake. I guess once the adrenalin has retreated, we will go to sleep as well.

December 29th 2009
We have low standards for snow

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We’ve had about two inches of snow in the past five hours – which here in Oregon qualifies as a winter storm that justifies non-stop coverage on all TV channels. With reporters “out in the field” reporting from trouble spots where inept drivers slide into each others’ cars. It’s a bit embarrassing…

The girls were thrilled about the snow. They had asked yesterday if we could drive to the mountain to play in the snow (we can see Mt. Hood with its snow cover from here). And today… oh my, they were in heaven.

So even though we had less than half an inch of snow on the ground when they came home from school, we packed our sleds and went to the park. And stayed there for a good hour and played and played and played. But see for yourself…

Oh – at one point during all this playing one of the girls yelled “Mama, now Ro and Ree can watch US in the snow!”. Yeah, there’s that, honey…

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