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January 31st 2010
Family Day (and some more Disneyland)

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Uncle OlavAs always on our trips to Disneyland, we of course went to visit K2’s family in the region. Every time one of them graciously agrees to host the guests from up North and anyone around here who can make it – something like two dozen people this time around. Thank you, Uncle Olav!

kites are funWe started out playing in a park down the street from Uncle Olav’s house. Cousin Patrice brought a wonderful gift for the girls: kites! They have wanted to fly kites for so long and we somehow never made this work at home and today, after some “learning by doing”, the two of them figured it out and kept their kites in the air without any grown-up help. Yay girls!

Aunt Alice and Uncle GeorgeUncle George and Aunt Alice came to join the fun and watched everyone around them run and play and talk at the same time. I admired their patience with all those crazy young people.

As a side note – Aunt Alice and Uncle George are celebrating their 61st wedding anniversary next week. And when asked, Uncle George told us that he’s planning for another sixty years.

More power to you. You are role models for our generation.

some of the cousinsAfter a while we had lunch together – I tried to take pictures of everyone but failed miserably. So as a lame excuse I’ll post one picture of about half of the cousins – and a couple of cute shots of Konrad and Natalie. It was so good to see everyone – there simply wasn’t enough time!

KonradNatalieI could have sworn that I took a great shot of Lucas as well – but somehow I can’t find it. Oops.

To everyone of whom I didn’t post a picture (or with whom I didn’t manage to talk today): I am sorry. Nothing personal. I’ll do better next time.

By the time we were back at Disneyland it was late afternoon already. We still decided to go back to the park and called M3 to see what they were doing… turns out Ro and Ree had just finally fallen asleep. After two days of no nap the tiredness had caught up with them. M3 was just getting strollers so they could sleep (and we decided to get strollers to, just as insurance). So we met up at the stroller rental and walked in to the park together – and this is what we saw of TubaDad and Ro and Ree.

Out coldtwo asleep, two faking it

The girls thought it was cool that Ro and Ree were out cold and pretended to be asleep as well for a picture…

We spent some time walking around – wow it was very crowded! Sunday afternoon is very different from Thursday afternoon.

The girls did some more pin trading, not a lot of rides, and soon it was time for dinner. Once again at Naples, once again with immediate seating. Unbelievable.

H2 and S2 used some of their own money (we gave them each a ten dollar spending budget for the trip) to get a second set of balloon animals – and they were very pleased with the resulting hats. S2’s has a heart and a teddy-bear, H2’s has a heart and a flower…

S2 with her balloon hatH2 with her balloon hat

As always, the trip was too short. Ok, I won’t deny that I’m tired and that this is not a walk in the park – or at least it’s taking its toll on me. But the girls are so happy. And it’s so good to see all of the friends and relatives. So we’re already trying to figure out when we can be back here… Next time maybe with a basis not in Anaheim but closer to Carlsbad. We’ll see.

January 30th 2010
Legoland – and Amyesq!

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Ok – we didn’t make it back to the hotel till 9:30pm. Way past bed time, the girls fell asleep in the car. Actually, K2 is asleep already as well. So this will be a rough post…

We went to Legoland today – and had a blast. So many rides. Cars, helicopters, planes.

carshelicoptersmore helicoptersthese are HAND controls, Ro

airplaneOh, did you notice how Ro is controlling the helicopter in that last one? Pretty neat, eh?

Interestingly, it was once again the older twins that needed the stroller, while the younger ones were just fine walking and running non-stop.

yes, the older twins have the strollerthey LOOK happyH2 on a horse

Horses. And robot arms. Wait. Robot arms? Yes, that’s TubaDad. He was the only one crazy enough to do this one…

S2 on a horseTubaDad vs. the robot armTubaDad vs. the robot armTubaDad vs. the robot arm

His fans were amazed. The grown ups – somewhere between impressed and horrified.


H2 misunderstands the purpose of a throne. All of them can fit there!

it's a throne, H2sure, that looks comfortable

More planes. And a bouncy ride.

more planesbouncy ride

And then an extra treat. Amyesq invited all of us for dinner. So more time with three sets of twins. Sorry for the destruction of your beautiful house…

dinner at Amyesq'sKaty and Julia


PS: reminder for those who don’t read here all the time… if you click on the pictures, they get bigger “in place”…

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January 29th 2010
And then there were eight!

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another set of twins!But I don’t have a picture with all eight of them.

Believe it or not – we randomly happened to run into another family with four year old twin girls from China. Just an astounding coincidence I guess. We almost would have walked past each other (easy enough to do with all those kids at Disneyland – and this was in Toon Town which was rather crowded) – if it hadn’t been for the fact that their girls had the same face paining as S2.

At that time Ro and Ree, TubaDad and Tim were at Soaring, so only the Jokers and S2 and H2 were available for a group photo… And as luck would have it, loud noise behind them kept distracting the kids – so I don’t even have a decent picture of the six of them. Here’s the best I’ve got… “Nice to meet you!”.

But I should start at the beginning, I guess.

To no one’s surprise the girls woke up at 5:40am. Great. We managed to keep them in bed (well, in our beds) till 6:30 or so. But then there was no keeping them. So we got started early and were back at the park before 9am. The girls wanted to ride the Merry-Go-Round again – I think we counted six rides there… then they wanted to get their faces painted.

S2 as unicornH2 as tiger

Climbing the OAs almost traditional, H2 went with a tiger. S2 picked a unicorn. They both were very happy.

And before we knew it it was time to head over to Disney’s California Adventure to meet the rest of the group.

We almost literally ran into M3 and her twins at the gate to DCA – and learned that Amy and family were on their way. So after some climbing around the ‘O’ in “California” the Salsas and us went in. More rides, more trading of pins, more fun.

Ro and Ree with their fab sun glassesalmost everyone is lookingReeRo

A short time later Amy, Tim, Julia and Katy joined us – that’s when I took the picture in the previous entry and posted it on the blog from my cell phone…

Next up was lunch with the princesses. I was wondering how that would turn out and must say I was impressed. Not too many families, decent food and plenty of time for the kids to interact with the Disney princesses. First Ariel, then Cinderella, Snowwhite, Sleeping Beauty and Belle.

This resulted in a lot of photo opportunities. I can’t make up my mind which ones I like the best, so you’ll have to suffer through a rather large set… sorry.

Ariel and the triple-twinsCinderellaSnowwhiteBelleSleeping BeautyAfter all the food and all the excitement with the princesses the brave ones among the dads (i.e., Tim and Rod – definitely not me) went on a crazy roller coaster ride. I don’t get the attraction of having them try hard to kill me and then fail…

In the meantime, our girls opted for more time on yet another carousel and then started to droop. Lack of sleep last night – too much excitement today… so we decided to rent strollers for them – even though they are a bit old for that. Turned out to be a good decision as they ended up making it through all of today without a real melt down. Yay us.

watching the crazy roller coasterKatiepopcorn breakWe strolled around DCA, spent a lot of time at the Bear Mountain area and then split up for a short while with Rod, Tim and the Salsa twins waiting in line for “Soaring” while the rest of us went back to Disneyland – and ran into the other twin family; see above.

Rod gives Ro and Ree a special rideSoon it got dark and we headed for dinner – Ro and Ree hadn’t napped all day and were getting tired.

We headed to Downtown Disney and were shocked (seriously) to get immediate seating at Naples for dinner. Ok, it was outside under a single heat lamp (so one end of the table was a bit warm, the other a bit nippy), but it was great timing. And then the balloon lady came and put the happiness level in our girls over the top.

S2 as butterflyH2 and her magic butterfly wand

What a great great day. So much fun – so much twin-ness.

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January 29th 2010
And then there were six

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Just a teaser. We got them to pose for almost 30 seconds…

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