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February 28th 2010
More bedroom rearrangements

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We went to IKEA this morning (after skyping with Oma). The girls played in SmÃ¥land and we looked for bookshelves for their rooms. They have so many books – they are piling up everywhere! The fact that we have books in two languages of course makes this worse…

First we thought we’d go with simple, straight forward white book shelves, but then we looked at these adorable children’s bookshelves. We loved red, but S2 insisted on blue for her room. Which turns out to look nice. Different color for each twin.

So we assembled the shelves, filled them with their books (and I mean “filled them”) and everyone was happy.

Then K2 and I looked (online – ikea.com is really useful) at maybe getting different furniture for our bedroom. But it’s so oddly shaped (five corners) and so small – this is going to be difficult. So we gave up and continued working on the girls’ rooms instead.

February 27th 2010
Running update (19-21)

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Even while K2 was gone two weeks ago I managed a couple of 6 mile runs. Add to this a 4 mile run that Monday I got a total of 16 miles.

But that persistent cough simply wouldn’t go away, so I took yet another break from running. Unbelievable.

After ten days with no running a 6 mile run was all I managed last week.

This week, finally, I did 4 miles, 5.6 miles and 4 miles again (which together with Tae-Kwon-Do classes meant that I was seriously sore on Thursday). I ended it today with a nice 11 mile run up and down Terwilliger for a weekly total of 24.6 miles. Not too bad.

Shamrock Run is only two weeks away. Five years ago I did the 15k and that is still the single fastest race I’ve ever run. Both in absolute and relative terms. An 8:52 pace, 82 minutes and 31 seconds. There’s no way I’ll be as fast this year. And that makes me a bit sad. Things had been going so well towards the end of last year. But the last two months were just not conducive to getting in shape (let alone to getting faster).

February 26th 2010
See me eat!

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This is the first complete sentence that S2 and H2 have read.

Papa is proud. Of the girls and of Mama who is working with them to teach them to read.

Why now, you wonder? The girls will go to German American School this fall – where they will learn to read German at first – English doesn’t start until later in first grade. If we were for some reason to decide that the German American School isn’t working out and were to put them in a different school in first grade they’d be behind on reading English. And so K2 is spending time with them on reading English, now.

S2 loves it all the time. H2 loves it most of the time. And they are both super excited that they are learning to read.


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February 25th 2010
Anyone for pictures?

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Toga dancersI haven’t posted pictures for a few days – suddenly there were none on the front page of the blog… can’t have that, can we?

So while these are a few days old, I’m sure you don’t mind.

First, the girls in their blanket togas were simply hilarious. The girls were cold in their pajamas and K2 wrapped them in their blankets. H2 and S2 loved it and insisted on dancing in the togas. Which of course had it’s challenges.

Finally, a couple of pictures from the kitchen. The girls were eating apples and had a lot of fun. And while they don’t do that very often, they suddenly asked me to get my camera and take pictures. Which of course I did and they rewarded me by getting seriously goofy.

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