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March 31st 2010
The view from S2’s room

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As I was about to do bed time and lower the shade in S2’s room, this is what I saw:

Mt Hood

It’s pretty here sometimes.

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March 29th 2010
Just saying

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Maybe I missed something. But the girls have a lot of energy these days. And it appears that at times they may be lacking self control in how to apply that energy.

So when I come home from work, stressed out and ready for some peace and quiet – not so much. Instead, I get “Papa, spiel mit mir” (play with me) from the second I open the door. And they want to climb on me and run around with me and roll on the floor with me and demand non-stop 100% attention. And much as I love them – some days that’s harder than others. I love them to pieces but the energy level mismatch can be quite challenging.

I want to be the great dad that makes them happy and has them excited. But then again, I really also want to exchange a few words with my wife. Maybe take a breath. Maybe sit down and unwind a little.

Tonight wasn’t an “unwind” kind of day, I guess.

I still love them to pieces.

March 27th 2010
How to spend a perfect day in early spring

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After my run I joined the rest of the family for lunch – they had gone to the Zoo with Angela and Sofia. The girls were so happy and bouncy and excited. K2 told me that they literally spent two hours just running and jumping and yelling. I believe it…

Afterwards the girls played on the mini-playground around the corner. I must admit, I’m glad that I don’t scare as easily anymore (I guess it’s a lack of imagination of all the bad things that could happen). The girls sure don’t exhibit a lot of fear:

that's pretty high up there, sweetieyou're supposed to SIT on that

decorating Easter cookiesFrom there we went to a different playground where they continued to run and jump and swing and… crashed. Not literally, but figuratively. They ran out of energy and “hit the wall”. Hard. So hard that we carried them home. Ugh – they are getting heavy.

After some enforced rest (not exactly quiet time, but a little less “high energy”) the girls engaged in another spring tradition. Easter cookies. K2 made cookie dough, the girls cut out the cookies with new Easter themed cookie cutters, then decorated first with sugar and then (after baking) with home made icing. The colors were just wild. And the girls had a lot of fun.

It turns out that Papa was allowed to decorate some cookies as well. You’ll be the judge which ones are mine and which ones are theirs.

Easter cookies, decorated by...?Easter cookies, decorated by...?

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March 27th 2010
Running update (24 & 25)

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After the race two weeks ago I took things a bit slowly – 4, 6 and 6 miles Wednesday through Friday. No long run that weekend as S2 and I went to see “How to Train your Dragon” on Saturday and Sunday I left for Oslo. So a 16 mile week.

Last week I did three sessions on a treadmill in Oslo – 4, 4 and 4.2 miles. I hate running on treadmills, but the location of my hotel (plus the weather forecast) seemed to make this the best choice. Today I went for a nice 14 mile run, all the way down to the Willamette river. Wonderful. A bit over 26 miles for the week. Not bad.

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