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April 30th 2010
Treasure hunter

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H2 loves finding things at the playground. Last weekend she found money (36 cents), today she brought home a glass pebble, a little yellow toy and special little rock.

She is so proud and happy when she finds treasures. And when H2 is happy, her face is lit up, the eyes are huge and she just radiates joy. Best thing in the world. Seriously.

I’m pleased to report that today was a good day for the girls. No whining, no complaining. Happy, happy girls. K2 was so pleased when she picked them up from school that instead of taking them shopping she took them to the park. The girls took off their shoes and played barefoot. With the result of needing a bath.

Did I mention that they were happy girls?

April 29th 2010
Sorry, can’t blog tonight

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After thee consecutive days with Tae-Kwon-Do classes, I am so sore, I can barely lift my hands above shoulder level.

I always thought that I was in pretty good shape, running half marathons and stuff. Boy was I ever wrong.


April 28th 2010
Interesting observations

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So as I mentioned, the girls are a bit trying these days, lots of whining, lots of wanting, very little cooperation most of the time.

But what I find extremely interesting is that outside of home they are excelling right now. Whether it’s Tae-Kwon-Do (where they were once again being praised for being the best in class just yesterday) or swimming (where they even received a price from the “treasure box” today) or kindergarten. All the teachers are praising them for their focus, for how hard they work, for how well they pay attention, how good they are. You get the picture.

I wonder if these two things are related. We keep telling them how important it is to work hard and how proud we are of their success in class. Maybe they just need an outlet for all of that “being five” energy? A place where they can bump into boundaries, challenge some grown-ups and try out how it feels to not comply, not focus, not pay attention, not do as they are asked to do?

It would make sense (heck, I’m not a five year old and I often wish I had a space like that). And frankly, if I think about the whole situation in these terms I find it much easier to deal with my little rebels.

Of course this is easy to say as the last two days between running in the morning, work and Tae-Kwon-Do class for myself I didn’t really spend a lot of time with them. But that’s besides the point…

Oh – and I really appreciate the encouraging comments and emails. That’s one of the wonderful things about having a blog. I can “talk” about the things on my mind and I get good feedback (and the occasional simple support) from a lot of friends out there.

Thank you.

April 26th 2010
Where did all this whining come from

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Suddenly S2 has turned into the whining monster from hell. This is now the second day that she is just… hard to deal with. Everything causes her to immediately go into a whine. Sentences like “I never get to…” and “… but PAPA, I want to…” are more or less the only thing we get to hear.

Where’s the wonderful kid that we had, say, a week ago?

Oddly enough H2 is not following along – she is remarkably trying to hold it together. Yes, she’s not always happy with what is happening and will “shut down” and ignore anything you say (she has always done this). But once you get her to snap out of it and talk to you, she is reasonably understanding and easy to deal with. Ok. Except when it comes to choosing clothing.

I hate to sound as if I was complaining about my kids, but… I think I am.

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