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May 31st 2010
Sunshine. Finally.

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I know, at this point I’m easy to please. Sun came out, S2, Reggie, and I took a walk.


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May 30th 2010

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One thing I always worry about with the girls is that one might outshine the other, that one would become the popular kid and the other the “hanger on”. I want them to be two strong independent kids – who have each other as best buddies and always look out for each other, but are each their own person with their own strengths, their own friends, their own interests (to a point, please – can we keep identical after school hobbies for a while, please?).

So when K2 told about yesterday’s birthday party and how the girls played with different kids, sat at different tables and had more or less a separate event – I was very very happy.

May 29th 2010
Picture day

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We are finally almost ready to get German passports for the girls. Well, maybe. Anything involving German bureaucracy is a major pain in the you-know-where. One of the joys is to get acceptable passport pictures. They are literally being scanned by a computer and rejected if they don’t measure up. And the nice secretary in our honorary consulate here in Portland proudly showed me piles of good looking passport pictures that had all been rejected in the last few weeks.


The real girlsSo instead of trying to explain to a kid at Kinko’s what the requirements are, I figured I’d do it myself (especially since we couldn’t find a date that worked to fill out the forms and sign the paperwork until mid June). So here they are, the two prototype pictures that (as far as I can tell) should fulfill all of the requirements (if printed in the correct size – a test print was just sent to COSTCO). Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

And of course, for balance – a picture of how the girls really look.

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May 29th 2010
New skills

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I’m afraid these aren’t on any developmental achievement list (yet).

First, this morning we were so happy that they stayed in their room till past 6:30… turns out they had grabbed the iPod Touch in S2’s room (she has that for white noise at night), figured out how to start the notepad app and were typing their names on it.

Then a little later, after breakfast they tried their newest skill: searching each other’s heads for lice and nits.

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