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July 31st 2010
You are too young for drinking games

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S2 has thrown up a few times in the last couple of weeks. And I think I finally figured out the common denominator. It seems that she sometimes tries to drink really really fast. And then eats something. And then bad things happen.

Today K2 wasn’t feeling well and I took the girls to one of their favorite restaurants for dinner. And I didn’t clue in when S2 was trying to one up her sister in how quickly she could drink her ice water. And then she drank all of her milk. And then she ate mac and cheese. Soon after we left the restaurant, got in the car, S2 and H2 both hooked themselves in. Then S2 did a combination of coughing and burping very loudly. I turned around and asked if she was ok. She was saying “yes” while at the same time I could hear her tummy make very disconcerting noises. I jumped out of the car, ran to the other side to open the door to get her out of the car. By the time I reached her she had thrown up all over herself. Shirt, pants, face, hands. Car seat. Everything.

I got her out of the car seat, took off her clothes and tried to wipe her off as good as I could (I had no change of clothing for her and only a tiny towel). Then I used some Kleenex to try to wipe off the car seat. And then the poor girl in her underpants had to sit down in the icky car seat for the ride home.

She was the absolute trouper. Didn’t get upset, didn’t complain about the car seat, was mostly worried that she had done something wrong and that I might be upset with her (which of course I kept telling her that I wasn’t and that she hadn’t done anything wrong).

When we came home, K2 (still feeling very sick) took the girls and gave them a bath and then put them to bed. The poor thing even got a nose bleed while reading the bed time story for them. But K2 is tough, she got them clean, settled down and into bed in no time.

In the meantime I disassembled the car seat. Completely. Took off all the covers, removed the belts. Washed everything with warm water and soap. The covers went into the washing machine on the “handwash” cycle (they are reeking). I think I got the smell out of the belts (they are hanging to dry). The car sits in the driveway with the windows open to air out…

I think we’ve done what we can do. What an evening.

July 31st 2010
Running update (42 – anniversary edition)

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While I’ve only been doing these running updates for 42 weeks, it has been a year now since I decided that I really needed to start running again. And after a year I guess I can claim that I did as I promised I would.

It seems very strange to me that I didn’t post about this a year ago – maybe it’s a sign that I didn’t really believe I would stick with it. I did mention it in this post from early September last year…

Anyway, it’s been a year. If my logs are correct (and I’m reasonably certain that they are) then I ran 1,168 miles in about 200 hours and burned about 200,000 kcals since then. When I wasn’t slowed down by injury or illness, I did about 100-110 miles a month and of course the last few weeks I’ve been pushing my long runs further and further – with an 18 mile run today (again, of course, a “longest run” either since the first time I ran the Portland Marathon or “ever”, if you take into account that in 2002 I was doing run-walks).

I did only one other run this past week (the last long run was just last Sunday so I skipped one of the shorter runs and yesterday my left ankle hurt so I wanted to be extra careful before today’s 3+ hour run…). Wednesday I did speed training, seven miles with warm up and cool down for a total of 25 miles this week.

July 30th 2010

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Are these really my babies?Our preschool doesn’t do a faux graduation ceremony for Kindergartners that depart. And I’m glad about that. Because frankly, this was emotional enough as it was.

When I dropped them off this morning I asked them to pose under the sign for the school (removed here for privacy reasons). Look at the body language. Look at these two kids. These aren’t my babies anymore that started school here before they turned one.

H2 and S2 with their teacher LoriThey have been excited about their “last day” – but I think that was mostly because we told them there would be cupcakes for everyone. We keep trying to explain to them what “last day” actually means, but I guess that’s still a somewhat abstract concept for them.

They had a great day – they hugged people good bye – and happily moved on. Maybe it’s good that they didn’t completely grasp that this was indeed their last day with this group of friends – some of whom they’ve been together with for almost five years now.

Right now all they are is super excited about flying to Germany next week. They keep asking us “is it tomorrow”? They can’t wait to see Oma, and Tante H1, and their cousins and of course Onkel MARCUS!!!.

K2 and I are over the first panic of “OMG – we’re leaving next week!” and K2 managed to resist the urge to start packing (well, she mostly resisted, I guess – some things like the games to bring on board actually are packed already). But it still seems crazy that four days from now we’ll be on a plane, hopefully all asleep…

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July 28th 2010
Smoke detectors

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We have those, of course. Several. And even a carbon monoxide detector. It’s all about peace of mind, I guess.

Or not. While I was enjoying my Papa’s night out, K2 was battling our smoke detectors to stop them from constantly beeping. She tried everything and in the end had to cut the power to the house in order to reset the stupid things. That seems excessive to me, but apparently it’s the only way to make the wired-in models forget that their backup battery had gone bad. Yikes!

Oh and of course cutting power makes the CO-detector go crazy and scream at an ear-piercing volume.

And why, I might add, does this only happen when it’s bed time for the girls?

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