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August 30th 2010
Sao Paulo

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I’ve been here a few times already. Every time I am shocked by the sheer size of this “city”. A metropolitan area of about 20 million people and more than 3000 square miles. That’s ten times the population of the Portland Metro area. Depending whom you ask, Sao Paulo is somewhere between the 5th and the 8th largest city on earth. It’s loud, it’s crowded, it’s dirty. It has great diversity, great people and great food. But it’s also somewhat dangerous and one of the places on earth where neither German nor English gets you much of anywhere – and I don’t speak any Portuguese.

So as much as I have enjoyed being here in the past, I’ve never seen much of the “real” Sao Paulo. Mostly I’ve been to large hotels, conference and office facilities, the odd mall, a few great churrascarias and of course the airport. And I doubt that will change on this trip, either.

Still, it’s fun to be back – but it feels totally weird after a month of being around my family more or less 24/7. K2 tells me everyone is fine and this morning they finally slept till almost 6am. So things are going well, I guess.

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August 29th 2010
Running update (43 – 46)

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August was my third month in a row with more than 100 miles logged. Yay me!

The first week started with a 3 mile run at home and then two shorter runs in Germany on Thursday and Friday and finally on Sunday my first 20 mile run in almost eight years. 31 miles for the week!

The next week was supposed to provide some recovery – 6 miles on Tueday, 3 miles on Wednesday, 7 miles on Saturday and 6.25 miles (10k with H1) on Sunday. All of these runs (except for the Saturday one) at really nice and easy pace. A little over 22 miles.

Week three I did 6 miles Tuesday, 7.5 miles Wednesday and that was basically it – K2 and I took the weekend off and so no more running. A ridiculous 13.5 miles for the week. But all balanced the following week…

This past week I ran 6 miles Monday, 14 miles Tuesday and then back in Portland I ran 18 miles on Saturday (had planned to run 20 but my body wasn’t up for that… too little sleep the last few nights would be my guess). 38 miles in a week might be close to a record for me!

105 miles in 27 days. I’m leaving for Brazil in half an hour – not sure if there will be one more run before the end of the month. Actually, there might be on Tuesday, come to think of it, so the final total for August might even be higher!

August 28th 2010
Dear Germany

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Just for your reference, this is what a nice day in August looks like.

Yours, D2

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August 27th 2010
Home. What a concept.

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The girls woke up at 3:40am. I know, this sounds bad, but it’s actually pretty impressive – it means that they slept till after 12 noon German time. They also slept for 7 hours, which together with the nap on the plane gets them close to their regular amount of sleep for a day.

So yes, it felt way too early. And yes, K2 and I were tired all day and had to work a bit harder than usual on being nice to the girls. But still, I’m going to chalk this one up as a victory. I do however reserve the right to reverse this judgement if the girls wake up before 5am tomorrow.

The day was a whirlwind of shopping. Since I’m leaving for Brazil on Sunday and hadn’t really prepared for that trip prior to going to Germany there was a ton of stuff to buy (new scuba mask and snorkel, travel first aid kid, bug repellent, high tech travel towel – all kinds of stuff). And of course we needed to do grocery shopping. And I renewed my drivers license.

When we finally got back home we went to the park, where the girls made a new friend and found a little water hole that was perfect for a mud bath. Which they took.

After a shower at home and dinner the girls were clearly fading fast so bed time came about 30 minutes earlier than usual. But all in all, a great day.

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