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September 30th 2010
Emails from the girls

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This is the second trip on which the girls and I have been exchanging emails. So far K2 is helping us connect – given that the girls are just beginning to read and can’t write yet. But it works beautifully. I get two emails from K2, one from each girls. K2 asks them what they want to send to Papa and then writes down what they tell her. And of course I reply back and she reads my responses to the girls.

It’s a small thing, but it’s pretty amazing how much insight into the thoughts and feelings of the girls it provides. And how much it shows what a softie I am – those emails make my heart melt.

The good news is that I just sent my last set of responses for this trip – I’m actually sitting at Narita airport, waiting for my flight back home.

September 28th 2010
A couple more Tokyo pictures

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Tokyo before sunsetThe weather has finally gotten better. The rain stopped yesterday late afternoon and the sun even came out a little bit. I took the chance to take a few more picture – this time from my hotel, not the conference venue.

Ginza after sunsetThen I went for a stroll through Ginza (to get toys for the girls) and got a rather nice night shot of the main shopping street there as well. Ginza is a fun area to stroll through. It’s rare to see this many Lamborghinis, Bentleys, Maseratis and other super expensive luxury cars in one spot.

Today I hope to find time to go to Akihabara – the most amazing place to go to when shopping for electronics. Which I guess is bad for my bank account but good for the little geek in me.

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September 27th 2010
Here is what I mean

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Two pictures taken around noon, local time, from the 40th floor of the Roppongi Academy Hills building.

disappearing in the mistsymphony in grey

In the right picture you can actually see some of the higher buildings disappearing into the clouds – and yes, 20 minutes earlier we had simply just fog outside the window – so we were in the clouds as well.

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September 27th 2010
Tokyo impressions

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No pictures this time. Why? Because visibility has been consistently so low that taking pictures is not an option. It has been pouring rain for most of the time I have been here. I was completely soaked after yesterday’s morning run. I was literally able to pour water out of my running shoes. Yuck.

I’ll be spending most of the week here at two different events – the weather forecast seems to imply that I was really foolish not to bring rain gear. If there’s any improvement I’ll have some pictures.

Conferences in Japan are hard work as it is much harder to engage the audience. Jokes fall flat, you don’t get questions, people just don’t want to stand out in a crowd. But once you talk to them 1:1 it gets much better. And of course there are a large number of Europeans and Americans at the conference as well.

On the plus side of course is the food. That alone is worth coming to Japan. Especially if you like raw fish. But there are lots of other food options. I had Udong noodles with duck for lunch yesterday. Outstanding.

The hardest thing of traveling to the Asian time zones is that you wake up early in the morning and have a day’s worth of email in your inbox and meetings starting at 2am (skipped those but have been on the phone since 6am). And then the work day here starts.

Actually, I take that back. The hardest part is being away from my family. After spending so much time with them during my sabbatical I really miss them a lot.

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