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November 30th 2010
Another NaBloPoMo finished

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I posted every day this month. I doubt I’ll be able to repeat that in December, but we’ll see.

Tomorrow I’m off to SFO for a quick two day business trip. Not a typo. The meeting is at the San Francisco airport, not in San Francisco.

Some times this job not as glamorous as it could be.

November 29th 2010
Proud Papa

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Today at Tae Kwon Do there were about 35 people in class. From six year olds all the way to folks in their forties. A lot of stuff going on. Lots of kids (including a teenager) getting in trouble for not paying attention and not focusing on what they were supposed to do.

Two kids got singled out for their focus, their attitude and their respect to others. Master Kim made a point of having everyone applaud those two kids for how they exemplified the values of Tae Kwon Do.

And as their Papa, I was very proud of them.

Well done, H2 and S2.

November 28th 2010
Four day weekend

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As a kid I loved four day weekends. Awesome!

As an adult with children I see them a wee bit differently. Don’t get me wrong, I loved spending time with the girls and everything – but this evening I could tell that the girls are ready to go back to school. Or that I am ready for them to go back to a more normal rhythm, I guess.

Each of the last three evenings the girls had a late bed time. First the Thanksgiving dinner, then a playdate / party at our house and yesterday a playdate at a friend’s house. And while they slept a wee tiny bit later than normal, overall they were still short quite a bit of sleep every night.

Unsurprisingly that ended up making them a bit more challenging this afternoon. Not terrible, just a bit more needy and cranky and clearly not at their best. I tried to play with them but that quickly turned into a wrestling match.

The one thing I did manage to do with them was their homework from school. Each weekend they are supposed to write down a story. Since they don’t quite write themselves, yet, that means an adult gets them to tell a story and writes it down. Unedited, mistakes and all. And of course ideally I’m the one doing that as I can get them to tell German stories while K2 has a much harder time with that (and usually ends up writing English stories with them).

Both of them came up with fun little stories, both stories were in German and (with the exception of one sentence in S2’s story) all of it was comprehensible (if rather bad) German.


November 27th 2010
Sending the letters to Santa

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sending their lettersK2 posted the girls’ letters this morning… here is the picture of them putting it in the mailbox at Macy’s. They were quite excited.

Still haven’t seen anyone guessing who wrote which letter… I thought this would be too easy for you!

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