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December 31st 2010
Breaking New Year’s Eve News

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from H2

That is all.

December 30th 2010
First sleepover

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Sleepovers have been a big topic lately. They apparently are talking to their friends at school about the possibility. And they love hanging out at their friends’ houses.

So in a way this first sleepover for them will be a bit different from what they’ve been looking for, I guess. Instead of a 6 year old they are visiting a <censored> year old… Auntie Denise is having the girls over for a sleepover. How awesome is that!

We are a bit worried – mostly about Denise.

Let’s hope she sends pictures and a report. The report we get from the girls is likely to be… somewhat subjective.

And what are K2 and I doing? Parents Night Out dinner, of course. And after that? My guess is we’ll go home and go to bed early. And we’ll wake up at 5:30am, worrying.

That’s the type of exciting partying people we are…

December 29th 2010
You’ll go far

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Here is what S2 said to Bill before we left tonight (Bill had invited us over for dinner):

S2: Thank you Bill for inviting us to your house
and making us good dinner.

And no, that was neither pre-practiced nor prompted (besides telling her to give Bill a hug and say thanks). This is just what she came up with when asked to thank him.

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December 28th 2010
Hits and misses

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One of the fun things about 6 year olds is that they don’t have a “polite filter” yet, so the feedback that you get about presents tends to be brutally honest. So what were the hits and misses this year?

Hits: Wings (from H1) and Pillow Pets (from Oma). No parent based manipulation here – we asked them what were your favorite gifts and without prompting those were the two that they immediately came up with. Funny.

Misses: Sleepover coloring book (since they so want to do a sleepover and they love to color we thought… never mind). Fancy Nancy puzzles (haven’t even been opened yet).

To the parents reading along… what were your hits and misses?

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