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March 31st 2011
Back home

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The girls were once again outstanding travelers yesterday. And they were troupers – we didn’t get home till well past midnight.

Here’s a note for all the helpful friends and acquaintances who keep telling us to put the girls to bed later so they wouldn’t wake us up in the morning:

Bedtime: 12:25am
Wakeuptime: 6:15am (H2) & 6:35am (S2)

I rest my case.

March 29th 2011
Ixtapa day 7

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sand artOnce again the girls voted quite forcefully to stay with us instead of going to the kids club. Which is fine, they are fun to hang out with. So in the morning we went to the beach and built some more castles and did some writing and drawing in the sand. S2’s picture of a girl was pretty impressive, I thought.

H2 on the leftWe interrupted the fun at the beach for another stint at the climbing wall. Yes, that was technically with the kids club, but I guess that didn’t count…

For some reason neither the girls really gave it a serious try to make it to the top today. When asked why their explanations didn’t make much sense – I guess they just didn’t feel like it after all.

So instead we went back to the beach for some more playing in the sand and some more posing for photos.

a fun perspectiveproudly showing off her drawings

These first four pictures were taken with my cell phone as strangely I forgot to take my camera this morning. Silly me.

Once the girls were sufficiently sand-clad and heated up we moved on to the pool. Where today they played in the deep pool for swimmers. First with Papa near by, then more and more on their own with us just watching from the distance. It’s a bit frightening at first (at least for the over-protective parent in me), but realistically the girls really are good enough swimmers to be just fine. It’s sometimes just hard to let go.

K2 went to the room to do some more homework for her class (semester started yesterday) while the girls and I played and played and played. When K2 finally came to the pool to have lunch with us the girls suddenly started flopping about, complaining about being TIRED. I of course didn’t take them seriously as they had just played with me in the water. So we went to the restaurant and I realized that H2 almost tipped over at the table.


Maybe I did wear them out?

sound asleepSo after lunch we went to our room and to loud protestations (“I’m NOT! TIRED!“) suggested that they might want to rest a little. Well, not rest, just, you know, lay down comfortably in a darkened room, listening to story tapes. The picture was taken a little while later. H2 had snuggled up with S2 and they were both out cold. We almost couldn’t get them to wake up an hour later as they were sleeping really really deeply.

Once they were awake again (and had stopped complaining about the cruelty of the world) we went back to the pool for more swimming.

Overall an amazing day. Sadly, also our last as tomorrow mid day we are leaving Ixtapa.

love the body languageH2 with goggles

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March 28th 2011
Ixtapa day 6

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The girls are reasonably athletic. Examples? H2 today basically reached the top of the adult(!) rock climbing wall and missed the bell up there by only a few inches (mainly because her arms aren’t quite long enough, I think).

We also went swimming again today and even though I am a fairly decent swimmer, at this point they can out-swim me in backstroke (just leg kicks, no arms). I’ll admit that that was rather surprising to me. Thankfully, the moment I use my arms I am still leaps and bounds ahead of them in all four styles – which is a good thing when trying to keep them save in the pool.

In completely unrelated news, the girls show mild signs of addiction to the Carcassonne game for the iPad. We are still trying to determine if this is just because they like anything on the iPad or if they really like Carcassonne. More experimentation might be necessary.

But overall, the vacation is wonderful – and the fact that we are down to one day plus the loooong travel day home is not making us happy.

March 27th 2011
Ixtapa day 5

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Wait. What? Day 5 already? Hold it…

Today we had an all day family day. No kids club, just us. It went mostly well – except we apparently wore out the children. We ended up carrying them back to our room as they almost fell asleep listening to live music outside the main restaurant…

The morning was spent building sand castles. It was awesome fun. We got sandy and muddy and wet. And then we sat in the water and played in the waves some more. K2 took a rare turn on the camera…

sand castle buildingexperts at work building the moat

playing in the sandliquified golden mud

The sand is very fine and turns the water into a very fine mud bath – with the characteristics of sand paper thrown in. And it penetrates everywhere – so I still found some when I showered tonight – mind you, I had spent hours in the pool in between.

Speaking of which, that’s the other thing the girls wanted to do today. Yesterday they spoke of wanting to do many things, like playing soccer for example. Today, all they wanted to do is swim. And that they did. Laps and laps in the big pool. Practicing breast stroke, back stroke, freestyle and dolphin kicks. They are strong. And they are surprisingly fast. I still wouldn’t consider them great swimmers, but they are doing ok.

We interrupted the swimming time for lunch and then in the afternoon for a parents’ temptation session. We visited a Club Med Family Suite – there are basically three levels of rooms available here. Club room (that’s where we are). Deluxe rooms. And Suites. The latter are in a separate building, with ocean view, with a concierge, a private beach, breakfast in bed, an espresso maker in the room and all kinds of other amenities. We were quite impressed. Let’s hope those lottery tickets work out – the price difference is substantial. But I guess it’s ok to dream.

I’ll leave you with the daily sunset – and this evening’s picture of the girls walking ahead of us. I love the green shirt & blue shoes / blue shirt & green shirt combo…

happy girlsdaily sunset

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