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May 31st 2011
Travel fun (NOT)

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Arrived in Yokohama. But Air Canada decided that my checked bag needed an extra day in Vancouver. That’s why I never check bags – but with all the scuba gear you have to. And what’s worse, since I want the really important stuff (regulator, dive computer, etc) in my carry on, I had all of my clothes and toiletries in my checked bag. No fun at all.

It gets better. I start the day tomorrow giving a keynote. Did I mention that I fly in sweat pants?

That might have been newsworthy in Japan, so I went to the mall, trying to find real pants – but since I’m not exactly average size, that wasn’t easy, either. In the end I found a pair of “mostly fitting” khakis that should do for tomorrow. But I’m still incredibly frustrated with Air Canada.

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May 28th 2011
I went scuba diving today

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Two dives. About 9.5ft (3m) deep. First one 6 minutes, second one 8 minutes.In a pool.

Boring, you say?

You couldn’t be more wrong. I bought a few new toys, including a new dive computer (with hoseless / wireless tank pressure display) and new hoses for my regulator (ultra flexible and light miflex hoses) – replacing all the existing hoses (regulator, inflator, backup spg/finimeter). And it seemed only wise to test those before the first boat dive in Japan – especially making sure all the hoses worked as expected, all the connectors are tight and of course to make sure I figure out how to use the computer. It’s two orders of magnitude more fancy and complex than my old one. Fun.

May 27th 2011

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K2 (and a few friends) are starting to tease me that I’m the Harbinger of Destruction.

I think that’s unfair.

My scuba trips have nothing to do with the strange rain storm on Maui last December. Or the Tropical Cyclone Yasi that devastated the Australian coast near the Great Barrier Reef in February. Or the Typhoon that is headed towards Okinawa right now – just as I am about to leave on my Japan trip that brings me (what a coincidence) to Okinawa for some scuba diving.

But just in case… if I tell you I’m going somewhere for scuba diving – you might want to stay away if you don’t like catastrophic weather events.

May 26th 2011
Being back home is less fun

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K2 and the girls parted ways from me on Sunday. They headed home, I headed to San Francisco for work. Work that I like, but still. Work.

Now we’re all back at home and it’s three more days before I leave again on Monday (this time for Japan). We’re all happy, but I’ll have to admit – this is less fun than Disneyland.

But being pragmatic optimists (or something like that), the girls have shifted their focus on the next things to look forward to. First a sleepover with the wonderful Denise next weekend and then of course our Germany trip later in June.

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