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June 30th 2011

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The girls have a tradition of telling us “I’m not tired”. But lately we have convinced them to actually ‘fess up and tell us when they need to nap. Or to just demonstrate the skill.

Clearly the last ten days in Germany have taken their toll. Even after a good and sufficiently long night’s sleep last night they still weren’t feeling too fresh today. But nothing that a bit of napping couldn’t fix. And after all, they needed to be at their personal best as we are visiting Oma and Opa again and went to the Volksfest (the German version of a “city fair” or something).

enjoying some ridesenjoying culinary highlights

After another delicious lunch at Oma’s house (the girls helped cooking and were soooo excited to do so) the four of us and Oma went to the traditional Schweinfurter Volksfest. The girls enjoyed a bunch of rides. And were exposed to some of the more exciting culinary traditions – like Steckerl-Fisch. Imagine a largish fresh water fish, put on a stick and then grilled over an open fire. Interesting. But not necessarily recommended for human consumption.

And of course there were the horse back rides. The girls were in heaven.

H2 is happyS2 is happy, too

One of the interesting things that happened was that we ran into two couples that are friends of Oma and Opa. And the girls were absolutely perfect, as you expect German grandchildren to be. They shook hands. They said hello and good bye. And patiently waited for the conversations to end. I was so proud of them…

flying highOma, Opa, S2, H2

When we were back at Oma’s house I got everyone to go outside and pose for a family picture. This is something that I note in my picture taking – I don’t do a lot of the “posed family pictures” that many other people seem to prefer. And while I usually much rather have situational pictures, I also sometimes want to just have a picture of Oma, Opa and the girls!

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June 29th 2011
Another trip to Playmobil FunPark

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We’ve been here a couple of times before. And the girls always seem to like it. It’s a small park, it’s geared towards little kids, it can get very crowded but somehow it always delivers. Today was no exception.

We arrived fairly early – and since this week school is back in session in Bavaria the park wasn’t crowded at all. The girls went straight to one of their favorite parts, the water play area. Of course I had to continue the tradition and take a waterfall picture…

2011: big big girls in the waterfall2010: big girls braving the waterfallbraving the waterfall in 2007

Of course they wanted to play with horses again. As expected at Playmobil, the horses weren’t quite real, but that didn’t diminish their enthusiasm…

playing with the horsesriding a horse

And of course they had to be cute. On their own, and with the “silly man” (as they often call JR)…

adorableeven more adorable with the silly man

We had a blast. Now it’s too hot for us – or actually too humid; and of course no one has A/C. But fear not, the next cold / rain spell is coming tomorrow and we’ll be longing for the heat…

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June 28th 2011
A surprise at the Munich Zoo

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bronze rhinoThe zoo in Munich hadn’t been on our list of places we planned to go to, but a comment on this blog a couple of days ago made us change plans…

The girls of course were oblivious to all that and we had no intention of spoiling the surprise. So we just told them we’re going to the zoo and that there would be a surprise. It almost killed them. I lost count how many times they asked…

The zoo is actually very nice, we loved the habitats and really enjoyed our time. There are bronze statues matching the animals on display almost everywhere. The girls loved climbing on them.

riding on Haflinger horses One of the highlights of course was riding on the Haflinger horses. They are really beautiful and very well natured animals – much nicer than ponies.

tux? what are you doing there...Lot’s of fun animals to see – for example the emperor penguins that often are used as mascot for Linux.

alligatorsThe next set of animals I’m showing here I found far less cuddly – it was a bunch of alligators and we all were glad that they were behind a thick layer of glass.

Throughout the day the girls were just very well behaved, extremely hungry (huge surprise) and a lot of fun to hang out with.

TubaDadAnd then in the late afternoon the surprise showed up. TubaDad was in Munich for business and managed to end the day early and join us at the zoo and later for dinner.

The girls were thrilled. They of course immediately asked if Ro and Ree were there as well, but they were happy with “just” Rod.

We had a very nice day in Munich.

During dinner the girls already showed signs of tiredness and when we finally arrived at “home” they were ready to tip over. Vacations are a lot of work if you are six.

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June 27th 2011
Catching up on pictures

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We went horse riding. We had our parents weekend off. We went to my SIL’s birthday party. We went to Bamberg. We went to the pool. We walked around the neighborhood. And I took pictures here and there. Here’s a selection.

H2 and JRS2 and the other JRStarting off we have the girls with J&J (or JR & JR) riding their horses. They were in heaven.

Bayreuth Pharmacy since 1610Then a pharmacy in the city center of Bayreuth that has been operating in this very building since 1610. We assume that it changed ownership somewhere along the way and that potentially the scientific basics of the potions they hand out may have been update a few times. But other than that, it certainly is a well established business.

I took some more pictures in Bayreuth but with the rotten weather we had not much of that is really worth posting.

Rosegarden in BambergSunday we went to my sister in law’s birthday party and later in the afternoon drove to Bamberg – at which point the weather finally started to improve. K2 was practicing “here’s what we can learn” with the girls while exploring parts of the old town. It was fun. They loved the rose garden and figuring out the name of the different types of roses. And learning about the old buildings and their history (within reason).

They also loved the ice cream and the bratwurst they got to sample…

We had one of our occasional “we don’t quite fit in here” moments in Bamberg when to older local ladies were very charmed by our children and quite openly puzzled that these were our children. But they refrained from saying anything more than that, so we all just smiled and moved on.

Kloster Michelsbergklein VenedigWe didn’t quite make it to Kloster Michelsberg and instead headed down the hill again towards little Venice. It was just lovely.

The girls took pictures of me and their sister. Once again H2 showed a somewhat better eye for a pleasing composition (they were each telling me and their sister where to stand, how to look, etc).

S2 and Papa (by H2)H2 and Papa (by S2)

Waiting for food is boring. But they are willing to make an effort if Papa takes pictures.

waiting is boringbut we can look happy for a picture

H2 out in frontholding hands

No pictures from the pool this morning, but two more adorable ones from this evening.

H2 was grumpy with me for not allowing her to hold Bolle’s leash. And so she stomped off to be alone. S2 was not happy. Not happy at all. She wanted to be with her sister. And it didn’t take long for them to hold hands again (which they did for the rest of the 45 minute walk).

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