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July 29th 2011
Playing in the park

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I’ve done this whenever the weather was nice, lately. The girls love it, and it seems that playing outside and running and climbing and all that helps them sleep a little longer. Who would have thought…

There's something magical about this picture

After the wettest spring and the coldest June, ever (or something close to that) and after a really lousy first two thirds of July the weather has finally switched to summer. And it is admittedly absolutely gorgeous. These summer days make it worth to live here. Well, if there are three months of those, and not just three weeks, I guess.

monkeysclimbing everywhere

fast runnersSeeing them climb and run reminds me just how strong they are. I find myself looking at the muscles moving under their skin and being just amazed. No wonder they love playing in the park. There’s a lot of power in those two not-so-little-anymore girls.

Today’s pictures might make it a little harder than usual to tell them apart – uncharacteristically the girls decided to wear the same dress for dinner tonight! But thankfully S2 kept her pony tail in while H2 took hers out. So there’s the clue who is who.

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July 29th 2011
Some paint job details

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The painters are finally done. And I must admit, I LOVE the result. Very different from what we had before. Rather striking. And (at least to me) very nice.

We went with just three colors, but I think that was enough to create really nice details.

knee bracesRailing and columnsanother picture of the knee braces

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July 25th 2011
About that porcupine…

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Just in case that last post puzzled you… here’s the picture that might help explain this a bit.

washing the porcupine

This used to be a “shoe scraper” sitting outside our door. And it certainly hasn’t aged well. The girls decided to wash it, which caused it to lose much of its quills…

July 24th 2011
Quote for the day

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S2: Mama, is it ok if we wash the porcupine? Can we put it in the bucket?

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