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August 31st 2011

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Today K2, H2, S2, Ben and I drove the three and a half hours to Bend, situated in the beautiful central Oregon high desert.

How beautiful, you ask? Look for yourself.

Deschutes RiverBridge in the downtown Bend river parkthe river behind our rental condo

I think it’s pretty stunning. Of course it’s the desert, so it’s cold at night – even now in late summer the night temperatures drop down to near freezing. And it’s extremely dry. But everything else is awesome. So nice that I picked up some fliers for houses… our Portland neighbors actually moved here a couple of years ago and are lobbying us quite heavily to follow. Sadly with no chance as realistically moving here won’t work for us on a number of levels.

Still, dreaming about it for a while was fun.

S2, H2 and Ben on a park benchThe kids didn’t care about any of these conversations. What mattered to them is that it’s very pretty, the weather was nice (if a bit cool) and there was good food.

After the long drive here we took a walk through downtown and the downtown river park, then went back to the rental condo and did some more walking here before meeting our old neighbors for dinner.

Speaking of the rental condo – that was a very lucky find. Awesome view, very spacious, very well appointed. We have three bedrooms and Ben even has a semi-separate studio that much to his surprise even had its own fridge. And the parents have a “master suite” upstairs that easily puts our bedroom / bathroom in our house to shame.

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August 30th 2011
Another adoption?

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K2 took the three kids to the grocery store this afternoon. At the checkout the nice cashier noticed that Ben clearly wasn’t a native speaker of English and immediately came to a very rational conclusion; she asked H2 and S2:

Did you just adopt him?

August 29th 2011
J1’s pictures from our dives

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portrait of a crabOn two of the three dives we did in Hoodsport my brother took pictures. And he was able to take a few great shots. So with full credit to the artist, here are my favorites.

spider crabtiny eel-like fish (still looking for the genus)

The visibility was ok by Hoodsport standards but rather poor overall. But maybe you can get an idea of what we were looking at under water.

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August 28th 2011
Parting ways

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This morning we K2 took the three kids to Portland (visiting a zoo on the way), while I took B1 and J1 to Hoodsport for diving.

I’ll have the visitors tell more about their diving experience (maybe they want to comment) – but I think we had a great time. J1 even took some pictures and if we’re looking he’ll share some so I can post them.

K2 sent me a message this evening full of praise what a wonderful guest Ben appears to be. He’s carrying his own luggage, is very polite and full of “please” and “thank you”, he’s a good eater who tries anything she puts in front of him and is overall just cheerful and happy and fun.

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