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September 24th 2011
Newport Oregon Coast Aquarium

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The Oregon Coast Aquarium (dude – how did they get “aquarium.org” as URL???) is a lot of fun. It’s amazing that it took me nine and a half years of living in Oregon before I managed to visit…

It’s a road trip. We don’t really like road trips. And this one didn’t help as we were stuck in traffic for a silly College Football game both ways which added easily two hours to our total driving time. What a waste.

But the aquarium was worth it. Small, simple, well done. The girls loved it, the parents had fun (ignoring the driving part – the girls got to watch movies and couldn’t have cared less how long the driving took).

watching the otters eatriding a turtle

We got to see otter and sea lion feedings and we got to walk through an underwater tunnel with lots of sharks; H2 was freaked out by that but over time (after we talked about all the cool things she could observe) relaxed a tiny bit and almost ventured into the tunnel.

almost eaten by a sharkjust being cute

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September 21st 2011
Can you spot the difference?

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two weeks agotoday

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September 18th 2011
Cleaning up my archives

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My picture archive has crossed the half Terabyte mark a few weeks ago and I decided to go back and do some careful pruning of some of the less than great shots that I have so many of. And while doing that I stumbled across this awesome shot that our wonderful friend Denise has taken of Oma with her two sons. This is Oct 16, 2005 – almost six years ago. We had been home from China for about six weeks, Oma was still here (and had been for more than two months at this point), and my brother and sister in law had just come by to visit us for a few days. We all look so young…

we were so young

And since this is a blog about the girls it only seems fair to post a great shot of them looking much younger, too.

S2 in front, H2 in back

K2 and Reggie haven’t aged one day…

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September 15th 2011
They are twins after all

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the proud twinsAnd so a day later, H2 has reached the long awaited milestone as well.

Her’s looks in a way less impressive as she has two massively huge grown-up teeth sitting right behind her bottom incisors, just waiting to move into place (but there is no way there’s enough space for these teeth… this will be “interesting”).

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