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October 31st 2011
Halloween and a half

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HalloweenSo of course a little thing like a broken ankle isn’t stopping H2.

She took a seat in a borrowed stroller and did the afternoon trick-and-treating in the “Village” and then started out the tour of the neighborhood after dark with her sister. And then, after visiting the scariest house in the neighborhood, she went back home with me to “man” the door.

the scariest yard in the neighborhoodAnd it was pretty amazing to watch H2 take care of the kids who came to the door. Without her sister outshining her she was charming, nice, encouraging to younger kids… just awesome. And did all that balancing on one leg.

What a girl.

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October 30th 2011
H2 won’t be walking around the neighborhood tomorrow

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This afternoon I took the girls to Sky High Sports – a groovy trampoline place nearby. And right at the end of their two hours H2 landed badly on her right foot. At first it seemed only bruised, but a couple hours later it really started swelling. K2 took her to the ER and the verdict is a little complicated.

It’s not quite broken but kind-off. The things you learn as a parent. Apparently ligaments are comparatively strong in young children and so instead of straining (or ripping) they fracture the growth plate. The bone itself isn’t broken, but the growth plate is. I’m a little unclear how bad this is and how long she’ll have a splint and/or cast – Karen will take her to a specialist tomorrow (assuming she can get an appointment).

The excitement never ends.

October 25th 2011

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I once again forgot the battery charger for my camera – and it appears that taking pictures under water really drains the battery quite a bit. But I managed to get at least one nice picture of Prague before it all stopped working…

Prague at night

October 24th 2011
Diving in Cyprus

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Who would have thought that Cyprus would be one of the most exciting dive locations I’ve been to. Certainly not me before this trip.

But I must admit I was blown away by the diving we did there. We put our tech diving training from last month to good use and did four deco dives with twin cylinders on our backs and a 50% oxygen stage tank strapped to our sides. Easy to do as all of this is more or less weightless under water.

Here are some of my favorite pictures.

Sunrise over Larnaca Bay

the main propellerlower thrusters

These propellers are massive, about 6m/20ft in diameter. If you look closely in the left picture, you can see a nice sized moray eel peeking out of its hiding spot in a whole in the propeller shaft.

kissing trucksone of the few eggs that survived

The ferry carried 104 semi trucks, many of which are laying on the ocean floor or are still inside and on deck of the ship. These two look especially funny as they lay wheel to wheel. But there’s much smaller cargo to find as well, like the eggs that fell out of one of the trucks. Sadly, 30 years of scuba divers exploring the wreck have caused most of those eggs to be broken by now.

my dive buddyyours truly

The picture on the left which shows my dive buddy L should give you a good idea of the gear we were diving with. Pretty elaborate…

gangwayradar mast

fishlots of fish

who are you looking at?perspectivefrom the sun deck to the upper deckdid I mention lots of fish?

While the sea life wasn’t as impressive as in Okinawa, it was plentiful. And the wreck was just stunning.

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