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November 23rd 2011
And now we are five…

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First things first - calling MomFor the next seven months we’ll be a family of five. Our 14 year old nephew / cousin N has joined us from Germany. He arrived after flying by himself from Germany via Amsterdam to Portland. Pretty impressive. And he seemed quite cool about all this when he arrived.

KLM and Delta appear to have done a good job taking care of an unaccompanied minor. He was carefully guided through the Amsterdam airport (actually even driven through it) to make sure he made it on the plane to Portland. And here a Delta service person walked him off the plane, through immigration and customs all the way to us (who had to wait outside). After checking my ID she handed him over to me – somewhat tired but seemingly happy to finally have arrived.

Of course the long flight was just the beginning. Once he arrived he had quite a few things to deal with. New family, new house, new rules, new phone, new computer (first time in his life with a Mac).

Much to our surprise he didn’t collapse into bed until after 9pm. Very impressive.

November 14th 2011
Trying to avoid repetition

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Of course many of the pictures that I take while diving are the same thing over and over again. The same fishes, similar scenery – it’s hard not to get repetitious. But I think today I have a few that are different.

A couple of old anchors (those things were huge, each at least 10-12 feet long). A shark (looks impressive but wasn’t scary – maybe 4ft / 1.2m long). Another moray eel, this time completely outside (but sleeping under an overhang). It’s hard to tell in this picture, but he’s about 2.4m / 8ft long. A couple more beautiful fish. A couple of pictures that I like for their artsy feel. And finally another picture of me (this is at our safety stop).

The things that were remarkable today were bad and good. One of my dive buddies had a problem with her buoyancy (there was a mix-up with her weights and she ended up 2kg light). So towards the end of the dive she was having trouble to stay neutrally buoyant. Since shooting up to the surface from 70ft / 21m is not desirable, the rest of us simply held on to her. To help her relax I offered to take her camera from her (which she had been nervous about before). And then, inexplicably, I managed to drop that camera and not even notice it until much later. It’s of course gone.

On a much happier note, for my dive number 111 I returned to the exact same dive site on which I did my very first dive, ever, a little over a year ago. We had a wonderful dive there, again, and I really enjoyed coming back to where it all started. So much good has come from that. And frankly, if it hadn’t been for K2, I wouldn’t have gone on that trip last year and I wouldn’t have done the discover scuba dive. So she deserves much of the credit for all the good things and wonderful friends I found through that.

And here the promised pictures.

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November 13th 2011
More pictures

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I’m guessing most of you come here for pictures of adorable kids… bear with me, while I’m having fun scuba diving…

Today we saw two beautiful rays. Doug into the sand, almost impossible to see until they moved. Also another turtle that was totally bored with us taking pictures. More lobster, a nosy eel (it’s bright green and a little hard to spot) and more random fishes. Yes, eventually this will get repetitive. But it’s fun. And I’m reasonably proud how well these pictures turned out.

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November 12th 2011
Some diving pictures

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Ok, getting these pictures to the server was a bit of a challenge, so there won’t be running commentary between the pictures (that requires way too much reloading of the page to make sure it looks right), instead there is some intro text above and all the pictures below. Sorry.

We had interesting dives so far. There was a lot more surge than last year and many of the dives have been a bit rough because of it and the visibility was way worse than what we expected. But nonetheless we had really good dives. I took my camera for the first time today and I think I managed to take some decent pictures. Below you’ll find (among others) one of the turtles we saw (a tiny one – on the night dive we happened to find one the size of a VW bug), a decently sized ray (about 4ft diagonal), spiny lobster (try to count how many are in the first picture), a sleeping shark, a small grouper (again, on the night dive we saw a massively huge one – maybe 4ft long), a barracuda and lots of other fishes. You can tell that there was a lot of sediment in the water, so with the exception of the lobster pictures everything else is just ambient light.

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