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November 11th 2011
First evening on Fernando de Noronha

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sunset closeupI usually consider myself very lucky. I have wonderful children, the perfect wife, a good job… what more could you ask for?

Well, how about fun trips? It used to be that my business trips were nothing but business. But over the last year, thanks to K2, many of my trips included a bit of fun time as well – mostly scuba diving. The same is true on this trip to Brazil.

HDR to bring out the colorsMy friend L and I arrived on Fernando de Noronha yesterday; if you never heard about this island – I was here last year – it’s where all the scuba diving for me started. After 28 hours of travel and five flights we were feeling remarkably well so we walked into town (if you can call it that), signed in with the dive store and took a walk along the beach. The sunset was quite nice. Here are some pictures.

Oh – I’m not sure how much I’ll be posting from here. The internet is incredibly slow. Much slower than it felt last year. I guess more people are using it, but the upstream bandwidth is still the same? Don’t know, but it’s painful. I’ve been working on this post for more than an hour.

after sunsetafter sunset

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November 6th 2011

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A busy few days. K2’s birthday, the girls’ birthday, the girls’ birthday party… we had a lot going on.

Our seven year olds decided to have a costume party – which makes sense a few days after Halloween, I guess. Of course, at the very last minute they decided to change the rules: one of their birthday gifts were Mulan dress-up clothes. And instead of going in their Halloween costumes they decided to go as Mulan instead. Works for me.

MulanS and MulanHMulanS and MulanH

We had only 18 guests which kept things manageable and still had a ton of fun. The party was hosted at the local community center with the first hour in the gym (with a space ship bouncing house) and then in a multi purpose room for cake, ice cream, gifts and games.

Of course every one was concerned how H2 would be holding up with her broken ankle. I have to pictures to answer that question:

too fast for menot slowing her down

But my favorite moment came Saturday morning, when they opened their mail and H2 found a letter from the WWF that a donation had been made in her name for a symbolic adoption of a giant panda in Yangtze province in China. She was a bit confused what that meant (“is the panda going to live with us?”) so we explained that this meant that she was helping to feed a panda and more importantly to keep the place the panda was living intact and healthy. H2 thought about that and then she said “I’m helping a panda? Oh wow. I’m just a little kid!”. And then she was hopping around in excitement about the panda adoption.

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November 2nd 2011
H2 update

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After seeing the specialist the verdict is in. H2 has an occult type 1 salter harris fracture of the right lateral ankle at the lower end of her fibula.

Strangely enough that is remarkably similar to a fracture that I had 24 years ago in my left ankle. Only not being seven, mine resulted in three surgeries and having a metal plate and six screws implanted in my ankle. Thankfully none of this will be necessary for H2. She’ll be in a cast for three weeks and won’t be allowed to do any sports for six weeks (which might cause her to miss her Tae Kwon Do blue belt test – we’re still working out that part).

Here are some pictures of the “casting” procedure that K2 took with her cell phone…

base layer plus the beginning of the first structurebeginning of the top layerthe happy girl with her brand new cast

The blue cast is way cooler than what we had way back when I was a kid…

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