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December 31st 2011
Good Karma

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We played Carcassonne – S, S2 and I. During the game, S2 kept selflessly helping others. She finished a city for me. She finished a road for S. And in the end, she won and S and I tied for second.

I love it.

December 30th 2011
New Year’s at the Beach

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life skillsThe father of our friend S owns an amazing house at the Oregon Coast. And S invited us and other friends to spend the New Year’s Eve Weekend here. Awesome.

Of course there are some problems with coming to the Oregon Beach right around winter solstice. It’s cold, dark, and rainy. Oh, and windy, very windy.

Which means that you need to make sure you have plenty of indoor entertainment prepared.

H2 quickly got S to teach her some important life skills. Here she’s learning to play Texas Hold’em.

K2, S2 and N each are enjoying the great indoors as well…

K2 spinningN and S2 playing on the computer

Oh and yes, the big computer in the center is where I am sitting right now…

Oh, we did go out-doors as well…

we love the beachwe love the beachwe love the beach

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December 25th 2011
More pictures from the snow

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Of course with the snow storm on the mountain, the girls wanted to play – they so love snow (which may be one of the issues on which they and K2 differ the most).

S2 about to get H2H2 chases S2H2 gets S2

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December 25th 2011
Dog Sled Ride

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Here’s what the other four did today – in a snow storm on Mt Bachelor…

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