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January 15th 2012
This is how you make it snow.

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Backwards PJs do the trickMost people outside of Portland don’t know this, but there is a way in which you can make it snow (if you are a little kid, that is). You go to bed with your PJs on backwards. And that is such a silly thing that it starts snowing!

Here’s the proof – as shown by two freezing cold children, showing off their backwards PJs.

There’s other news that I didn’t get around reporting here. K2 seriously sliced into her right index finger last week – which earned her a four hour trip to the emergency room and three rounds of stitching. She’s getting better – but is still in quite a bit of pain, and not thrilled at all with her current limitations in the kitchen.

Cousin N is doing just awesome. He’s a true American high-schooler now. And extremely good at it – the grades he brings home home are quite impressive. I think the worst one so far was an A with 96% of the possible score.

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January 1st 2012
Flying Kites

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Today was a gorgeous day – and in the afternoon we went flying kites. First it was B, H2 and S2 and I, a little later N joined us and learned a new skill – flying a double line kite. And after some spectacular crashes I have to say he learned amazingly quickly. After about an hour and a half he was flying the kite like a pro – and that’s not easy.

The girls had simple single line kites and had a lot of fun. It was just so gorgeous out there. Just the right amount of wind, not too cold and mostly sunny (the first picture is shot straight into the sun, so you can tell that the haze was dimming the sun by quite a bit…

flying kites in the sun on the beachbeautiful skiesN and B flying the double line kite

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January 1st 2012
Happy New Year

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