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April 26th 2012
Can you spot the differences?

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While I was gone scuba diving for a few days, two significant changes happened with H2.

H2 with a new gap in her teeth - and her new glasses

And yes, the new glasses look almost exactly like the old glasses she used to wear…

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April 14th 2012
Spring might be here?

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It’s always hard to believe that spring might be here – Portland is known for going back to rotten weather way into June. But because of that I think many people here enjoy gorgeous days like today even more.

running to the playground

S2 and H2HDR tree in our parkhappy sisters

One of the major advantages of our house (and we didn’t even realize that when we bought it – at least I didn’t) is the wonderful park that we have close by. So on a day like this it’s easy to just walk over and play.

H2 is happyS2 is having fun

I think the girls faces show just how much they enjoyed the day.

And so did I.

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April 8th 2012
The best weekend we’ve had this year

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And this is not just talking about the weather…

After a morning run with H1 and M I took the three youngest kids to the park. They had fun. They ran till they were too exhausted to stand (lacking close to two hours of sleep might have something to do with that as well). And then K2 joined us and we sat in the sun first outside Starbucks and then outside the bakery for lunch.


H2, B, and S2 on top of the play structure

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April 5th 2012

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H1 brought the girls beautiful new summer dresses. They wanted to wear them right away, even though it isn’t exactly summer here, yet. So they were wearing them as dress-up clothes instead.

Princesses H2 and S2

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