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May 31st 2012

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It’s quite interesting to move from a family of four (with identical twins), to a family of five and now (for a brief time) a family of six. The increased complexity is just impressive. Different Tae Kwon Do class times, different plans on the weekend, more people to feed, shuttle around, coordinate.

So far Oma is making our life easy. She’s happily coming along to a number of events (for example she is watching us at Tae Kwon Do) and cheerfully stays flexible with the radically different meal times and meal choices. Given how planned and ordered and regular her life at home tends to be, that’s a change of massive proportions for her. On top of that she does dishes (as much as we beg her not to), she reads to the girls, tonight she put them to bed – in a word she is super-helpful everywhere.

Taking her to Tae Kwon Do so far has been the most fun. At the end of every class the Masters instruct us to “bow to our parents”. It’s a total treat for me not to just have my kids bow to me, but to actually be able to bow to my Mom. She on the other hand seems to enjoy seeing me work myself into a serious sweat – and yesterday to the point that (about 75 minutes into a double session) I nearly fainted. Fun.

May 29th 2012
Just pictures

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H2, Oma, S2H2, Oma, S2

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May 27th 2012
Morning reading

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reading in the livingroomWhat a quiet family scene…

Everyone is reading (well, N is on his computer…)

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May 27th 2012
Look who’s here!

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Oma is hereSometimes my travel schedule is really annoying. And sometimes it just works out perfectly. So yesterday, on the way back from the conference, I flew from Berlin to Amsterdam. At the same time, Oma flew from Nuremberg to Amsterdam. There we met (with some difficulty) and together got on the Portland non-stop flight.

And now Oma will stay with us for three weeks – at which point both she and N will return home to Germany. But until then we’ll enjoy having her here! The girls certainly are excited – and so are we.

Even though we had a really good flight and got quite a bit of sleep (Oma said this was the best flight she ever had), Oma was very tired yesterday evening. So she wasn’t too happy that I took so many pictures of her – but I think this one is very nice.

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