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June 30th 2012
United Airlines provides babysitting?

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I just returned from my second trip to Asia since my last post. I was in Seoul, Korea last week and in Shanghai and Beijing this week. And tomorrow the whole family is flying to the Bay Area to get together with the the Salsa Family.

We are flying United and since I am flying so much both K2 and I have Premier 1K status with United. As part of that one can get free upgrades on domestic flights. Imagine my surprise when after checking in for tomorrows flights I found out that K2 and I got upgraded to First Class, while the girls are still in Economy, even in different rows.

When I told the Salsa Family about this Tuba Dad sent this back:

So which girl is riding in first class with K2? ;-)

He knows me well…

June 17th 2012
Tough day

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This morning everything was still great. As you see in this picture.

H2, Cousin N, S2 and Oma

But then, we all went to the airport, and after some complications, Oma and Cousin N said good-bye and walked towards security. Instead of following them to there we turned around and walked away. Until that point no one had started crying – and we felt that most people (especially Cousin N) would be happier overall if this wasn’t a teary-eyed departure.

The four of us remaining went straight to see Angela and the girls’ special little friend Sofia. They played for a while, went to a playground nearby, I played tag with all three kids. From there we went shopping (where S2 picked beautiful shoes for K2), home (where I played tag with H2 and S2, again), out for dinner, back home (the three of us played two-square, later even K2 joined us) and by keeping the girls very busy we managed to keep them distracted.

But as bed time was nearing there was no holding back anymore. We had lots of tears. Poor girls. Oma is gone. And after almost seven months, their best buddy ever, the subject of so many love notes and hugs and kisses. Not here. Gone.

S2 finally calmed down, snuggling a (freshly laundered, I might add) sock that Cousin N had left behind. H2 is buried among panda stuffies. Neither is quite asleep, yet. We fear a challenging night.

And yes, even K2 and I had moist eyes when Cousin N and Oma walked away. Oma hadn’t been here in a long time and it was wonderful to finally have her with us again. And Cousin N had been part of our family for more than half a year… it just seems wrong that he should leave again.

We are all hoping that both of them will be back next year. Oma for another visit (this time hopefully with Opa). And Cousin N for another trimester of high school.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed.

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June 15th 2012

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I know everyone wants pictures and updates… but I was out of town for a few days. One of my very best friends just received a major international award – what many call the Nobel Prize of Technology… and I had the amazing honor to accompany him to Helsinki for the ceremonies. And as much as I didn’t want to miss a day of Oma’s visit – everyone agreed that I could not possibly pass on such a once in a lifetime event, especially as I had been invited to speak in order to honor his achievements.

June 12th 2012
Solution for the quiz

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Not a lot of you tried, but basically everyone got it right in the end, so maybe it was just too easy. It was indeed S2 on the left and H2 on the right…

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