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July 29th 2012

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The girls were really tired today. Can’t have anything to do with going to bed more than an hour later than usual but getting up at the same time as always… So we were almost surprised when after a walk around the neighborhood late this morning (cruel parents) they were agreeing to do some “quiet time”… of course they both fell asleep and actually napped. Good.

After a while we woke them up to have some leftover pizza from last night (reheated on the grill – if you manage not to burn the pizza (still working on my technique) that is actually the best way to reheat pizza that I have found so far). They both grabbed their plates and marched outside. Then H2 took the blanket from yesterday’s party and spread it out in our back yard. And both of them settled there for a picnic.

I was just charmed to see H2 take the initiative and just implement what she wanted. Without asking for help, and without relying on her sister to take care of things.

H2 and S2 having picnic lunch

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July 29th 2012
Fun was had

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As I mentioned, yesterday the girls had their party with five of their best friends and the first grade teachers.

K2 and I went out for a wonderful dinner, but before we left my brilliant wife casually pointed out that she had left a camera behind, ready to take pictures, in case someone felt like doing that.

all the girlspainting fingernails

From the stories we’ve heard so far, everyone had a great time. The girls’ teacher, Mrs. A, brought her teenage daughter M who did finger and toe nail painting for the kids. Oh the joy…

H2 and S2 were still grinning happily this morning.

And as the parents, we loved the fact that the teachers of course were super organized. So everything was cleaned up, no toys laying around in the back yard, all the food went into the fridge. Awesome.

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July 28th 2012
Party time

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A while ago there was an auction at the school with lots of fun prizes. You may remember the reading bench that we managed to win and donate to the class room.

At the same event Karen bid for and won another very special prize: an evening of “baby sitting” with the two first grade teachers of their school!

So this afternoon five of the girls’ best friends from school will come over, as will the two teachers – and they’ll have a party at our house. K2 and I will go out for dinner (after all, that was part of the prize) and the girls and their teachers will have fun.

To get ready for all this the girls decided to get dressed up. I’ll admit that I question the wisdom of H2’s decision to wear her fancy gloves, given that it’s 80F / 27°C outside, but hey, I’m not seven.

H2 and S2, all dressed up and beautifulH2 and S2, ready to party

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July 27th 2012
Getting better and better

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I think I need a helmet mounted camera. They actually are rather cheap these days, but I am just joking. Still, that might be the only way I’ll be able to get you some pictures of bicycling with the girls…

We went again yesterday afternoon. And I have to give it to them, they are tough. The neighborhood we live in is very hilly, so there are no good places to ride your bike on flat streets, instead everything is uphill and downhill, and some of that is quite steep.

The girls don’t complain, they work hard and ride up the steepest hills. They wobble to make me cringe when things get too slow on the uphill – but thankfully the cars around here are mostly driven by neighbors or at least by somewhat sensible people, so everyone just keeps their distance when they see little kids on bikes.

We are finally enjoying what I tend to call the beautiful Portland summer. Cool nights, overcast cool mornings, then blue skies, sunshine and temperatures that are nice and warm but not too hot to be outside; I don’t like it when it get’s to be above about 85F / 30°C. The last few weeks were simply perfect.

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