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August 23rd 2012
7th Famiversary

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I am backdating this post so it shows up with the correct date… I was out of town and K2 took this picture. We celebrated our Famiversary the day before by going out to dinner, but this picture was taken seven years, to the day, after our Family Day.

We have tried to celebrate this day and to commemorate becoming a family every year. So every year on the anniversary of this day we have posted a picture of the girls with their referral picture to our blog. We somehow lost the first one which was on K2’s blog, but the rest were here:

The second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth Famiversary.

S2 and H2 on their seventh Familversary

S2, K2 and H2 on Family DayH2 and S2 on the first FamiversaryH2 and S2 on the second FamiversaryH2 and S2 on the third FamiversaryS2 and H2 on the fourth FamiversaryS2 and H2 on the fifth FamiversaryH2 and S2 on the sixth Famiversary

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August 19th 2012
Sausage party

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Our good friend Gina does a “Wiener Roast” or “sausage party” every summer. Even though the girls were overtired (after a sleepover with Auntie Denise that left them lacking, err, sleep) we decided to go and that turned out to be a great decision.

The girls were having a blast. They were at their best behavior the whole three hours we were there. Played with Lucy the old, old Lab, read books, played in the grass, played with other kids… I was quite proud of them.

reading with dinnerbaseball practice

To the best of my knowledge they haven’t played baseball (or softball) before – but given that they knew exactly what to do and even had their own little thing they did after a hit, I must be wrong.



Admittedly, I don’t quite know what the jumping over each other game was – but it made for a cool picture. As did the hummingbird that came by shortly before we left. I love those tiny little birds…

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August 12th 2012
At the park

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It’s hot again. And while we took a long walk in the morning (and just returned from another long walk in the evening), we tried to spend the hottest part of the day indoors. The problem with that, of course, is that it means the girls will start misbehaving and picking on each other. Which usually causes us to say “put on shoes and play outside” – except that we have no front or back yard that anyone could play in right now. So at the height of the heat in the afternoon (with the thermometer reading about 94F or more than 34°C) I took the girls to the park to wear them out a bit.

Unsurprisingly what really happened was that they wore me out. Playing tag in this weather is something for younger and fitter people than me!

But I did get a few good pictures of them.

S2 and H2 at the parkS2 and H2

K2 just pointed out how much H2 looks like S2 in that second picture… It’s quite impressive.

Of course the girls were doing much more than just posing and playing tag with me. After all, they had things to do and calories to burn.

they may be getting too big for thismonkeys

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August 11th 2012
Family reunion

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Every year there is a “cousins’ picnic” on K2’s father’s side of the family. And every few years we actually manage to make it. This year was one of the ones where we did. It was very much like I think family reunions are supposed to be. Equal parts fun, awkward and just tiring. But regardless how the grown-ups felt, the girls were on their very best behavior.

Here are two pictures that might give you an idea. One is from the beginning of the party, one from the very end.

H2 and S2, right after we arrivedH2 and S2, waiting to go home

No, I’m not showing that the girls were bored. I’m showing how they chose to entertain themselves. And the symmetry of the two pictures just made me smile.

Speaking of symmetry, here’s another set, this time with their nine months old cousin S3…

H2 with S3S2 with S3

Overall I think we had a good time. K2 seemed happy to see many of her cousins again. And I was happy that they didn’t remember my name, just as I wasn’t able to remember all of theirs…

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