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October 31st 2012
Halloween tally

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S2: 182 pieces of candy

H2: 194 pieces of candy

D2: 2 stitches and one flu shot…

October 27th 2012
The pumpkins are ready

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H2 and S2 admiring their workWith Halloween only a few days away today we carved our pumpkins. This may sound surprising, but this is actually the first time ever I really carved a pumpkin. I think I did fairly well – and so did the girls who designed the looks and did most of the work that didn’t involve operating a hacksaw…

The picture captures only part of the scary lighting (which changes colors) – but I think you get the idea.

The girls, at any rate, are quite excited about their pumpkins.

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October 24th 2012
Angry Birds

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Suddenly the girls are on a total Angry Birds trip. They have books about Angry Birds. They draw all the different animals from Angry Birds. They are all excited about it. Apparently that’s a hot topic in second grade.

Mind you, when K2 was offering to them that they could play Angry Birds tonight before bedtime she had ask them to put down their books and stop reading, but apparently once they found the time for it, they were surprisingly good at Angry Birds Space HD on the iPad. Which is really kinda impressive as they almost never get to play things like that.

I on the other hand was at Tae Kwon Do tonight. Double class with the second one being sparring.

I have awareness. Meaning I am aware of most every one of my muscles. In a very painful kind of way. But it was fun. And I can see that I’m getting better. I’m not good, mind you, but I’m getting better.

And that makes it twice as much fun.

October 22nd 2012
Building creations

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S2 and H2 as ghost and Harry PotterThe girls and I were planning to play Carcassonne on the iPad tonight. But while I was finishing up the dishes, they got started on something else and then turned down the offer to play with me. They were having much more fun with their… Creations.

The box in the middle is Hermione. H2 is on the right as Harry and S2 on the left as a ghost.

Who needs elaborate costumes when they have plenty of imagination?

Can you tell why I love them?

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