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November 22nd 2012
Style and more

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The girls are both into hair clips and other ways to look pretty. S2 even more so than H2.

Yes, that is 32 little clips for S2a closer look

Of course, today is Thanksgiving in the US and that means to cook (and eat) more food than any sane person could (or should) imagine. We had a heritage turkey which not only was delicious, it also cooked a whole two hours faster than expected and messed with our plans – but hey, we are flexible and so instead of Thanksgiving dinner we had Thanksgiving lunch. Which was fun, too, as we were actually hungry and enjoyed the meal. And then had loads of time for things to do as a family in the afternoon. Like taking a walk. Or K2 teaching the girls how to use their sewing machine.

H2 sewing a little bagS2 sewing as well

It’s fun to see the girls figuring this out – and having a fabulous time. Mind you, there were some challenges, especially the ability to control the pressure on the foot pedal. But overall things went very well for a first attempt. I think their facial expressions really capture the concentration that went into this project.

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November 11th 2012
Scuba pictures, anyone?

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I have been traveling for a week, but a couple days of diving were a welcome reward for it. The visibility under water was atrocious. Often under 6 feet. Yet it’s still possible to get some decent pictures – as I am learning it is all a matter of lighting.

So here are my two favorite pictures, taken off the coast of Malaga in Southern Spain. And yes, these are the real colors, only minimal post-processing to adjust the brightness. That type of orange star coral is found only around here in Southern Spain

Octopus hiding in star coralCool not-so-little nudibranch

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November 4th 2012
Birthday impressions

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This year we tried something new. For the girls’ eighth birthday we did a Tae Kwon Do party!

So the S2 and H2 invited 15 of their friends and everyone got to have more than an hour of Tae Kwon Do (light) for kids. Master Hong did a great job of keeping it fun for everyone while still making it be about Tae Kwon Do. Here everyone is lining up at the beginning of “class”.


One of the treats for the birthday kids is that they get to wear the masters’ black belt for a day.

Showing the friends how to sitblack belts for a day

While everyone gets to learn and practice some Tae Kwon Do (and lots of running around and screaming), H2 and S2 got to show off quite a bit of their skills.

fighting stance - don't they look fierce?kicking practice

Each birthday girl got to break half a dozen boards – the guests each got to break one with a “hammer fist”. In the first two pictures S2 demonstrates an axe kick and a (really hard) spinning hook kick.

axe kickspinning hook kick

And finally H2 with a high jumping hammer fist and an awesome side kick.

high jumping hammer fist - sadly the flash failedv

Everyone seemed to have fun – and some of the other parents are seriously considering signing their daughters up for Tae Kwon Do as well, that’s how impressed they were with what they saw from H2 and S2.

And finally, the birthday girls clearly enjoyed themselves and were very proud to show their skills (and their discipline and focus).

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November 2nd 2012
Halloween update

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For those who wondered… never catch a falling knife. Especially if it is a razor sharp 12″ butcher knife. Which fell of the counter as I was starting to do dishes right before the girls were about to go trick-or-treating.

Thankfully our family doctor is not only awesome but also a good friend. So instead of having to sit for hours and hours in an ER I had a female pirate stich me back together…