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January 28th 2013
Snack time

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H2 and S2 having a snackOf course – with books. It’s fun to see how much the girls like to read…

Homework, on the other hand, is less of a favorite around here. And especially H2 struggles with staying on task and getting things done. Most tasks appear to be much easier for S2 – which of course makes it even harder for H2, watching her sister succeed in no time while she struggles.

K2 has the patience of an angel working with H2 to make sure she completes her assignments. I admire her for the gentle persistence.

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January 26th 2013

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we don't like our haircutThe girls’ hair had gotten way too scraggley. So we had their bangs trimmed and a couple inches chopped off in the back. And S2 was NOT HAPPY with that. She somehow convinced herself that she was only pretty with long hair…

So tears flowed and she was mad and didn’t want her picture taken at first. But after I had taken a picture in which they looked really serious they started to have fun. And after they saw the first batch of pictures they wanted to take some more.

Mission accomplished.

We love each otherH2 on the left

second set, this time S2 on the leftok, we're no longer sad...

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January 20th 2013
Happy New Year

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Yay dumplings(Edit: Oops – I may be a couple weeks late posting this… no idea why it never made it to the blog…)

To celebrate New Year’s Eve we once again made dumplings as a family. The girls were excited to be in the midst of the process and did a really good job portioning, closing, folding and sealing the dumplings. And the bamboo steamer baskets worked great to give us that yummy authentic taste. They worked even better now that I figured out the trick with the lettuce leaves on the bottom…

If there was one issue with all this it’s the size (and number) of baskets that we have. The girls basically ate the first two rounds of dumplings all by themselves (one might think we never feed them) and given that the dumplings take almost 15 minutes to be done that meant that K2 and I were starting to eat about half an hour later than they did. In hindsight I guess it would have been smarter to all eat a few together each time a batch got done… but the girls were SO HUNGRY!!!

making dumplingsprecision work

Most importantly it was fun, it got everyone in the family engaged and it was yummy. What more can you want from a New Year’s Eve tradition?