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February 24th 2013
Scarlet Fever

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S2 and H2 hanging in thereThis has been a tough month for the girls. S2 started out with an eye infection a little over two weeks ago. From there we went to the flu for first her and then her sister (even though they were both vaccinated, but the efficacy of this year’s vaccine apparently wasn’t all that great). And now they have both come down with scarlet fever (and are on hefty doses of antibiotics in order to get rid of that as quickly as possible).

I’m not sure how well you’ll be able to see it in the picture, but their red cheeks are quite pronounced (but S2 has much more of a rash on her body than H2). They feel surprisingly well, as long as the drugs keep the fever down. But of course after having to stay home for much of the last week (again, more so for S2 than H2) you can see that they are getting stir crazy.

When their fevers were down earlier today we took a walk – two thirds of the way we could see H2 rapidly deteriorate and by the time we were back home her fever was back up.

Poor little things.

February 23rd 2013
Look at that smile

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H2H2 is missing so many teeth right now, her smile is positively adorable.

A recent dentist visit showed that she had two troublesome baby teeth that needed to make room for the grown-up teeth already built below them. So she had those two removed on Tuesday. And as luck would have it, another tooth fell out today. One might be worried that she can even eat… and that her tooth-fairy will demand overtime pay!

On top of that she is sick. We, like about half the kids in their grade school, are victims of the low efficacy of this year’s flu vaccine. S2 was sick since Monday, and today, on the first day that S2 was able to go back to school, H2 got sick.

Needless to say, I just returned from a business trip a few hours ago so K2 had to deal with all of this all by herself. But that seems to be the pattern around here.

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