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March 31st 2013
Easter Bunnies

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We didn’t join the organized egg hunts this year and did our own instead.

searching for eggsquick, there are more

The girls seemed to be fine with it and clearly had a good time. As I think is required, we collected one fewer egg than we hid…

The biggest surprise (both literally and figuratively) happened to me this morning, though. The Easter Bunny had brought me a little something… her name is Coco…

3 pounds of lovely chocolatehelpful details

Three pounds of excellent local chocolate from MoonStruck.

Thankfully with all the working out for the black belt test I think there won’t be too much lasting damage from that gift…

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March 18th 2013
H2, during dinner

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Papa, we’ll be sad when you die. But we’ll always remember you.
Because of your love. And we took pictures.

March 18th 2013
Spirit week – wear your favorite colors

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Spirit week is an odd concept for me. It’s somehow supposed to make kids enthusiastic for school. I think it’s mostly adding yet another element of peer pressure and having to conform to someone else’s idea of fun. But then, maybe I just show that I’m German…

S2 in yellow, H2 in black

Anyway, today is “wear your favorite colors” day (let’s ignore the fact that this is supposed to be “sports team colors”, I think) and that does seem like somewhat random but at least somewhat fun. And of course our girls do have favorite colors. H2 has been very consistent with hers for many years – S2’s seems to be changing over time, I remember purple being a bit hit for a while, but right now it’s yellow…

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March 16th 2013
The latest from the local Garfield fan club meeting

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The girls are almost obsessed with Garfield. I can understand that – I had my own Garfield phase (and I was much older at that point). Anyway, it’s fun to see how much they enjoy reading.

H2 and S2

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