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April 28th 2013
Two more

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K2 took a lot of pictures (and a few videos) at the black belt test. Here are two of my favorites:


And in a completely unrelated side note… of the three people in our family testing yesterday, only one was sore today. Can you guess who?

And semi-related… as the big treat yesterday (well, one of several) I told the girls that they could read in their beds as long as they wanted. They were thrilled. But about 9:45pm K2 and I questioned the wisdom of my offer as the girls were wide awake, reading, and she and I were both tired and in bed (K2 has been battling a sinus infection for a few days). At 10:30pm I saw the lights in S2’s room go off, but then go back on again a few seconds later. I went to her room to check and she told me that she changed her mind (she had noticed that H2’s lights were still on). I told her that it was way late. Her reasonable answer “but what about H2???”. So I checked on her sister. She was sound asleep. Her hand still on the page of her book tracking where she last had been reading. With her lights on. Once I conveyed that to S2 she was happy to have me turn off her lights. And was sound asleep about 30 seconds later.

They both told us today how much they enjoyed this. And H2 was so thrilled to have fallen asleep while reading. That alone was worth it.

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April 28th 2013
I am a slug

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H2 the slugI totally love it when the girls are living out their imagination (note to future self… this is about eight year old girls living out eight year old imaginations…).

A few minutes ago H2 came down the stairs and called out “I am a slug! I’m a sluggy slug!”. By the time I had the camera ready she was already in the living room.

April 27th 2013
Black belts

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Same kick (axe kick). Three times.

S2's axe kick
H2's axe kickD2's axe kick

And this was the reward; well – the whole test was almost five hours and included some serious endurance test, basic skills (blocks, punches, kicks), forms, sparring and finally the board breaking – 8 boards for each one of us.

Black belt family with Master Hong

You can pretty much tell how proud Master Hong is of his girls and how well they did in test…

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April 21st 2013
Pictures posted

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I owed you ten pictures in the Picture a Month Gallery.


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