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July 19th 2013
Horse camp

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Signs of things to come, I guess. But the girls absolutely LOVED horse camp. So I guess we’re all happy and are looking forward to future horse-related expenses…

H2 and DannyS2 and Cally

July 5th 2013
Can this be all already???

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Somehow time does seem to fly when you are having fun.

Yesterday we took a lazy day, mostly hanging out at the house and then (once it wasn’t as blasting hot any more) at the pool. Part of this was that Ro, Ree, and Hannah didn’t get to bed til… well, let’s just say until rather late. Part of it was that all the adults thought that a day of relative rest would be healthy for everyone.

And as icing on the cake for that wonderful day the girls had a sleepover. Loads of fun were had (or so we hear – K2 and I enjoyed a quiet evening off while the rest of the team wrestled the five girls).


exploratoriumToday we were back on track with exciting plans – a trip to San Francisco (H2, S2, Hannah, and Catherine had never been) with a visit to the exploratorium.

The weather was an almost shocking change. The whole Bay area had cooled off quite a bit compared to earlier in the week, and San Francisco of course was the coldest spot. So instead of 100+°F (40+°C) we made it barely past 60°F (15°C). What a drop. We were all freezing.

Things got off to a rocky start. Some weird traffic snafu caused us to take way longer than expected into the city and then it turned out that the exploratorium had moved to a new location. By the time we finally arrived everyone was starving. Considering our options we went with Starbucks as a slightly un-orthodox but quite convenient and satisfying option.

Starbucks lunch


Things got worse when we got to the outdoor play area next to the exploratorium. While this contraption is loads of fun it’s also somewhat dangerous. If a few kids are pushing hard this rotating bench is moving pretty fast. And somehow S2 managed to fall and hurt a foot. She was bleeding and a bit shell shocked for a while – and had a hard time walking most of today.

But undeterred we entered the exploratorium and the girls all loved it. I didn’t take a lot of pictures, mostly because we all split up and each adult was supervising one child while they were each exploring on their own… I did take this one picture of everyone playing with black sand (Hannah is there as well – but somewhat invisible in the foreground with her back towards me (and cropped out here)).

Black sand

After that H2 and I took off and learned a lot.

Almost three hours past in no time and suddenly the bell rang that the exploratorium was closing.

We quickly snuck in a picture with the girls in front of the model of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Ro, Ree, S2, H2, and Hannah

We decided to have dinner in San Francisco and then sadly had to say our Good Byes. Tomorrow early early morning we’ll head to the airport. We’ll miss them all a lot.

But of course there still was a quick chance to take another picture.

parting picture

I can’t wait for M3 to post her update – she handed her camera to a stranger walking by and should have a picture of ALL of us…

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July 3rd 2013
Second annual 3rd of July Party

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Just like last year we attended the annual 3rd of July Party (including the huge firework). The girls showed the red, white, and blues…

Hannah, H2, Ree, Ro, and S2

The party had many highlights. The biggest two for the kids (maybe 30 kids and a similar number of adults) were the snow cones…


…and the two dogs playing with each other. Dusty (appropriately tan colored) and Tippy (an eight week old border collie puppy) were giving them quite a show…

Dusty and Tippy

H2 couldn’t get enough holding and petting Tippy. She was in heaven.

H2 with Tippy

It was a wonderful evening. The girls stayed up way late and didn’t get to bed until after 10:30pm. Thank you so much to the Salsa Family for once again including us in their party!

The final picture is one of those lucky shots that you sometimes get. Wela is a long time reader of this blog (I hear) and one of those very special people that you sometimes meet. She’s Ro and Ree’s grandma and a wonderful person all around – the dresses that H2 and S2 were wearing today were made by her, for example. As were the best two desserts in tonights lineup. We are so lucky to have Wela in our lives.


July 2nd 2013
Triple double plus one

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Now here is something you don’t see often. A set of teenage twins baby-sitting two sets of twins and a four year old.

Thank you, M3, for allowing me to use your picture (I foolishly left my camera at our hotel…)

Courtney, Kennedy, Ree, Ro, S2, Hannah, H2

The adults had a wonderful dinner out and everyone was quite happy.

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