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August 26th 2013
Eighth Famiversary

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I believe this is the first time that we are a few days late – but we were in Bend last Friday and didn’t have the referral picture with us. So a few days late, here’s this year’s edition of the Famiversary picture.

S2 and H2 - eight years later

The time went so fast – yet it feels like it’s been forever. What an amazing journey.

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August 16th 2013

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We clearly had too much fun in Germany. Staying with my sister, visiting Oma (three times in the past week) and overall having a great time with our family.

I won’t try to re-created back-dated day-by-day updates. Instead I’ll just post some of my favorite pictures.

We start with a wonderful family BBQ in Mimberg where the girls (and Ben) got to play with the open fire place.

playing with fire

Next up, horseback riding with our friends J&J.

horseback riding with J&J

Oma and her grand daughtersOma and her grand daughtersThen a couple of picture of the girls with their Oma, taken at Opa’s 80th birthday event.

We were also here for Oma’s birthday but somehow missed taking family pictures there. But we made up for it yesterday. Somehow it always feels like I’m taking a lot of pictures when we are somewhere. And then when I review the pictures afterwards, I often wish I had taken more. For example, I never manage to have enough pictures of the girls with Oma…

family picture

The whole time we were here, Ben was a tireless play mate for the girls. And the best part? We get to take him and Nico with us to the US where they will stay with us for most of the rest of their summer vacation. We are all very excited about that.

playground fun

This picture may look familiar… I think I’ve taken this same motive at least three times – always symbolizing our departure and the desire to come back… even the masthead of this blog shows an earlier version of the same… maybe it’s time to update the masthead.

Good Bye Mimberg

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August 7th 2013

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Next stop after Vienna: Salzburg. A beautiful town about 3 hours West of Vienna. Birthplace of Mozart (and there is absolutely positively no way that you could avoid knowing this fact once you are here for about, oh, 30 seconds). Still scorchingly hot, but now also humid with daily thunderstorms (one of which came by as we had dinner outside – but thankfully through a combined effort from H2 and K2 we were under an awning by the time it started to rain for good).

As usual, I’ll just post a few pictures and let them tell the stories.

A view from the Festung above the old town

Salzburg from the Festung

Residenzplatz with a beautiful baroque fountain and the Neue Residenz (new residence – built in the 16th century) in the background

baroque fountain and Neue Residenz

The girls – just by themselves.

they are so bigplaying on their ownSitting on top of the world

Late in the afternoon, H2 used her considerable skill of arguing her case (something we practice frequently) to convince me to pay for a second ride in a horse drawn carriage (we had already done that in Vienna). She was in heaven when the driver allowed her to ride in front with her…

another horse cart ride

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August 4th 2013
Zoo time

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Let’s start out with the picture that most accurately describes the day:

it's too hot

It was hot hot HOT today. 38°C / 100°F. But we had a blast at the zoo. Until, after more than five hours everyone’s batteries were suddenly empty.

The main attraction of the zoo (for us) were of course the two giant pandas. Long Hui didn’t really seem to enjoy the heat and was mostly asleep inside in a corner, but Yang Yang was out and about either eating or looking for more food… after all, that’s what pandas do – they spend about 14 hours every day with eating.

Yang Yang eatingYang YangYang Yang looking for more foodposing with the pandas

The girls made their own little panda buttons and learned a lot about the lives of this interesting and endangered species. This was their first encounter with real live pandas – and of course the huge collection of stuffed pandas in H2’s room got another member…

H2 with the latest addition to her panda colleactionH2 and S2 are proud about their panda buttons

But there were lots of other enjoyable moments at the zoo. Tons of sculptures to climb on (and to take pictures of):

Fun on the elephantThankfully not riding a real lion

Lots of big cats. Beautiful birds. Babies big and small.

CheetahCrunchy snackcurious peacockRock hopper penguinsElephant babyMeercat with her baby

Some animals clearly were fine with the heat. Others (including us) were constantly looking for more water.

the giraffe didn't mind the heatwater break

We had a great time, yesterday’s challenges all but forgotten. We are mostly doing fine with the heat (and are seeing with trepidation that the forecast has quickly been changing and by now we’re being told to expect rain and a significant drop in temperature by Thursday… but it will be all fine.

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