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September 22nd 2013
Halloween is going to be not very scary this year

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who is who

Don’t they look beautiful?

The other option for a picture today was nixed by K2. It would certainly have been a bit too graphic for this blog. Trying not to step on Vallery (who was sleeping on a step) K2 slipped today walking down the stairs and fell. Unfortunately she used her face to break the fall with rather dramatic results. After three hours in the ER it was confirmed that no bones in her face are broken (and her wrists and shin appear to be just bruised as well), but the right side of her face does not look too promising right now.

We are being assured that she’ll be fine again in a few weeks, but also warned that tomorrow will be worse then today.

So no picture of her tomorrow, either.

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September 21st 2013
New glasses

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It’s been a while. I need to post about the new school and a few other things. But here’s what I have time for to post right now.

S2 and H2 being lovely

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