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Addendum: connecting documents

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permanent connection of documentsSeveral people asked me about the “permanent connection” of the documents with their translation that I mentioned in yesterday’s post. This is a long standing legal tradition in Germany. In its simplest form you fold over one corner of a stack of documents, put a staple through that folded stack and then attach an official seal in a way that touches all pages and makes it impossible to separate the pages without destroying the seal.

For more important documents (for example when buying a house) this gets even more elaborate with a thread that is run through holes punched through all pages and then secured in place with an impressed seal or even a wax seal. I searched the internet but couldn’t find a good picture. If one of my German readers could provide a picture of a document that has been permanently connected like that, please share and I will post!

Anyway, the idea behind all this is actually pretty smart and makes tampering with documents much harder. Which is why the court insists on this form for the most critical documents.

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