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June 15th 2012

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I know everyone wants pictures and updates… but I was out of town for a few days. One of my very best friends just received a major international award – what many call the Nobel Prize of Technology… and I had the amazing honor to accompany him to Helsinki for the ceremonies. And as much as I didn’t want to miss a day of Oma’s visit – everyone agreed that I could not possibly pass on such a once in a lifetime event, especially as I had been invited to speak in order to honor his achievements.

May 10th 2011
Look! Up in the Sky!!

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Something unusual appeared in the sky here today. Something we in the Pacific Northwest don’t see very often. They tell me it is called “The Sun”. Not to worry, it was only around for about five hours, and the weather people promise it won’t be back tomorrow.

Nonetheless, I had promised the girls that if this rare event should come to pass we could plant some flowers in the patio pots. I picked up flowers (red, please, Mama) this morning just in case Mr. Sun actually showed up for his promised date with us.

Sunny Garden

It took them us about 20 minutes to fill all of the pots with flowers. Next up – watering, of course.

H2 Watering

S2 Watering

Once the hard work was over the girls were able to indulge in their favorite activity, “painting” on concrete with water and chalk, an art form they learned from watching movies of their friendsRo and Ree. They got a little messy.

A Little Messy

You can’t really see in the photo, but their pants are soaked and encrusted with wet chalk. And their hands? They were gray. It was glorious.

When all was done I dragged them inside, cleaned them up a bit, and we walked down to the Village for a well-earned German dinner.

Thanks for dropping by, Mr. Sun. Hope to see you again soon. Maybe in July?

February 26th 2011
Sunshine in Berlin

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No, I didn’t fall from the face of the earth. It only feels that way.

Where did I leave you. Right. The girls and I had that wonderful day. That was a week ago. The next day K2 rushed back from her conference and managed to come home before I had to leave. We had about 20 minutes, time for a quick chat and a kiss.

Then I rushed to the airport and headed to Europe. Five days, 90 hours of work and very little sleep later I find myself in Berlin on a gorgeous sunny but cold day, sitting at Starbucks with a venti latte and actually my first break in a week. I have three hours off before my next meeting. Whatever shall I do?

K2 and the girls appear to be doing well. Portland had a snow day on Thursday. H2 grabbed Ping, the stuffed penguin S2 gave me for Christmas, ran to the window and shouted “look Ping, just like your home!”

I miss them a lot. And it looks like I won’t be home for another week…

February 2nd 2011
From the air

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(no, not this post, just the pictures)

sunrise from 34000ftJuan de Fuca Strait in pastels

The first is sunrise over Washington State (you can see Mt Rainier). The second one is the Juan de Fuca Strait in wonderful morning pastels.

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