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May 19th 2012
Pictures by H2

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I have occasionally in the past posted pictures taken by H2. It’s been a while but today I have another few that I found just impressive. I think she has a very surprising eye for interesting pictures. For colors, and especially for textures. These here are completely unprocessed – simply resized. No cropping, color adjustment or any other modification by me.

rainbowmoss on a retaining wallH2's umbrellatextures

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August 22nd 2011
I’m a dive master

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I spent the past 11 days away from home. In small part for work and a conference I had to go to, but mostly to take my dive master class. Two weekends with more than 20 dives. This included playing dive master candidate during two different open water scuba classes. A lot of work. A lot to learn. Mostly a lot of fun.

I don’t want to bore you with details – but I brought a photo that I love.


July 15th 2011
Faces aren’t the only things being painted

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When the girls are coming back from their little trip they may a bit surprised. Because the house has changed a wee tiny bit while they were gone. As you can tell in the picture, there’s still a ton more work to do, but I think you’re getting a good impression how things will look when we are done.

Towards a red house

And for those of you with an interest in photography – this is actually an HDR image create from seven bracketed shots. It was already dusk and getting really dark when I took the picture(s) so I decided to play a bit with the idea of bringing out the details both in the yard, the house and the sky. Sadly the picture got a little grainier than I wanted (didn’t pay enough attention and used too short of a shutter speed – live and learn), but I think it’s not a bad first attempt.

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December 12th 2010
Last day on Maui

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Only two dives in the morning today. At depth Nitrogen builds up in your body and you need to wait for that to dissipate from your tissue before you can fly. Otherwise bubbles might form and really bad things happen…

Lanai at sunriseThe weather today was just gorgeous. Sunshine, light breeze, picture perfect. Even the sunrise was spectacular.

We did another boat dive at Lanai. Which is the island that you see at sunrise in the picture to the right.

Clouds at sunrise behind Lahaina harborThese were taken early this morning and I have to admit that the colors of the sunrise really caught me by surprise. I literally ran back to the hotel to grab my camera to take some pictures before the stark sunlight would take over. These are my two favorites. No photoshopping, Not even cropped. This is straight how they came out of the camera (well, resized for posting to the web, I guess).

Our first dive site today was Menepachi Caves. This is where the picture below was taken (you can actually see our dive master Scott in the water, attaching the boat to the mooring).

Lanai upclose for divingThis could have been a great dive if it hadn’t been for a rather long and boring swim across uninteresting ground for quite a while in the middle. The swim-through lava tubes at the beginning and end of the dive were just spectacular. Which made the rest seem like even more of a waste. 40 minutes with a maximum depth of 75ft.

For the second dive we went back to the Second Cathedral. I actually asked the skipper if we could go back there and he happily obliged. It was a wonderful dive. The last one for a while but really good.

One of the fun things to see was how air bubbles were coming out from the reef (through the porous lava that the reef is made out of) for a long time after all of is (today about 20 divers, including dive masters) repeatedly swam through the “Cathedral”. Awesome. 65ft at the deepest (mostly around 40ft, though) and 46 minutes.

Linus and I met two couples on the dives here – all four of them geeks as well. We ended up having dinner together tonight (at Gerard’s – definitely the best food we had here the whole trip). Very nice – I think we made new friends!

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