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May 19th 2012
Pictures by H2

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I have occasionally in the past posted pictures taken by H2. It’s been a while but today I have another few that I found just impressive. I think she has a very surprising eye for interesting pictures. For colors, and especially for textures. These here are completely unprocessed – simply resized. No cropping, color adjustment or any other modification by me.

rainbowmoss on a retaining wallH2's umbrellatextures

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December 20th 2009
H2’s impression of Peacock Lane

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Peacock LaneEvery year, during the second half of December, the people living along a small street in South-East Portland decorate their houses rather elaborately for the winter holidays. All of them. Peacock Lane.

It’s a tradition (apparently for the past 80+ years), and it’s a tradition for us to go there. This year three of us took cameras (poor K2 – must have felt left out). I want to post more of the pictures we all took, but the one to the right is from H2’s camera. And nothing that I took comes close.

Well done.

PS: this is the uncropped, unedited original picture. No post-processing whatsoever.

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January 16th 2009
Gifted photographers

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Papa, as seen by H2Lately when I try to take pictures of the girls they always want to take pictures of me as well. Much to K2’s horror I tend to agree and hand them my “not exactly cheap” camera. They are very careful – and they know how to use it. How well, you ask? Well, that portrait on the right was taken today by H2. No help from me whatsoever, all I did was crop it to a more pleasing 4×5 ratio (basically cut off some black on the left) and converted it to gray scale as my skin looks much better like this. The composition, the framing, the timing of the release – all the artist’s doing.

Yes, as her father and at the same time the subject of the picture I am of course not objective. I still think it is absolutely awesome.

So good, in fact, that I am going to add it to the About page of this blog.

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November 1st 2007
The loving eyes of a daughter and sister

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I’ll admit that I am amazed by the girls on many occasions. But the pictures that H2 took yesterday blew me away even more than normal. As I mentioned before, they have their own little cameras that they get to play with. Most pictures are random and just a little odd, and some are just brilliant. These two in my mind are squarely in the latter category. These are unedited, uncropped, unstaged, exactly as she took them (ok, I very slightly corrected the color balance in the picture of S2).

Here they are: Papa and S2, as seen by H2.


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